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3 Hidden iPhone iOS7 Tricks

How to take a screenshot with the iPhone

iPhone Screenshot

Step 1: Identify the screen to capture.

Step 2: Identify the Home Button and Power Button (see image).

Step 3: Press both buttons at the same time. Don’t hold then down as this will restart the iPhone.

Step 4: Watch the screen. If your screen capture is successful, the screen will blink and you’ll hear a camera click sound.

Step 5: Check your Camera Roll; this is where the screenshot will be saved.


How to close iPhone apps

Step 1: Double-click your Home Button; this will cause small screenshots of each app to appear.

Step 2: Swipe from side to side until you located the app you’d like to close.

Step 3: Swipe the screenshot up of the app you want to close. This will cause the app to disappear off the screen. Once the screenshot has disappeared you have successfully closed the app.


Resetting a sticky iPhone home button

Step 1: Open the default app Calculator.

Step 2: While the app is open Hold down the Power Button. After a few moments, the “slide to power off” message will appear, at this point Release the Power Button.

Step 3: Press and hold the Home Button. After a few moments the “Slide to Power Off” message will disappear, the calculator app will be forced to close. The Home Button will now be calibrated; the ‘sticky’ responsiveness will have been successfully fixed.

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