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What does data cost in Europe?

So you’ve finally booked that holiday of a lifetime to Europe; taking in the history of London, the romance of Paris or the beauty of Spain. You’re going to want to tell all your friends and family back home what you’ve been up to, making them jealous with pictures of Pisa on Facebook or envious of the Eiffel Tower on Twitter. But pictures, tweets and email all use data and data in Europe is really expensive.

Isn’t it?

Not if you take Cellhire’s new Prepaid Data SIM and MiFi. With just one SIM and one pocket-sized MiFi, you can get data anywhere in the world (95 countries if you need it to be exact) at budget-friendly prices and no overage fees. With 3G speeds and wireless connectivity you can have constant access to social media and you don’t even need an unlocked cell phone. This great device even allows you to connect up to 5 separate phones, tablets or laptops so the whole family can connect at the same time. The best part is you only pay for what you use – no rounding up to the nearest MB of data here.

Cellhire cleverly have a budget Europe offer which works across all European countries offering 3G data from just $0.10 per MB. So there’s nothing stopping you making sure that all of your work colleagues know just what a great time you’re having. Should you run out of data, you can easily top it up online. The MiFi and SIM are yours to keep, so next time you travel – maybe to somewhere even more exotic – you can just top up the MiFi and go.

Get your own MiFi for only $59.99 and keep it for every time you go abroad if you need cheap and portable wireless data on the move.