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Essential Apps To Enjoy Summer

With summer here, it’s time for you to start making plans and creating memories. Whether you’re traveling the world, visiting the beach or just on staycation, it is essential you occupy your time, have fun and most importantly stay safe.  Technology has shaped organization and schedules in recent years and in the modern world that we live in there’s pretty much an app for everything! With so many apps on the market to choose from, it is increasingly important that you choose the right apps to make the most out of summer this year.

      • PackPoint

        When it comes to the vacation season, packing your suitcase marks the start of your adventure. Yet many people arrive at their vacation destination with excess and unnecessary luggage. Downloading PackPoint will prevent this from ever happening again! PackPoint prides itself on its smart packing ability, based on the duration of your visit, activities arranged during the vacation and forecasted weather at the travel destination- PackPoint will organize and advise exactly what you need to pack.

      • Raymio

        With the summer sun finally here, it’s time to get outside! However the question on many people’s minds is: Can you enjoy the sunny weather, without causing any damage to your health? Raymio is an app designed to keep you safe in the sun and protected from its UV Rays, by using a number of settings. By informing Raymio of your complexion, the app is able to give you the most accurate guidance, by checking out the amount of sun that your skin can to be exposed before incurring risk and harm. Additionally by notifying the app of your location and environment, the app becomes personalized and based on current conditions and UV rays, a notification will be sent each time you need to top up with sun lotion.

      • DoStuff

        DoStuff provides a straightforward means of activity finding, by listing events that are happening in 20 major US cities, the app enables you to fill your evenings and weekends with entertainment. Event organizers and co-ordinators from across the US, work closely alongside the app operators and inform DoStuff of events that they have organized- detailing date, time and location. This allows you to find out what’s happening near you or to experience something new in a city you happen to be visiting. Therefore making DoStuff an essential app for creating memories on either a staycation or vacation.

      • Spotify

        Spotify provides the perfect condiment to a summer’s evening. With excess of 30 million songs at your disposal, there’s ample music to suit everybody’s taste. Spotify has the option to download your favorite songs and albums to your device, alongside the opportunity to create your own playlist. The app also recommends new songs and artists based on the content you have been listening to, providing users with an opportunity to discover and explore the unknown. The app also provides you with built-in, pre-made playlists dependent on the mood- whether it’s a chilled evening in the garden or a vacation playlist, Spotify has it covered.

      • GrillTime

        Ideal for the perfect summer BBQ, GrillTime enables food to be tailored to your own bespoke needs. Enjoy a refreshing cool drink by the grill, with the timer set up. The app is also broken down into meat categories, where the optimum conditions for cooking individual items are provided; including turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, steak, sausages and burgers. Alongside this, there is also the option to view grilling instructions for a vast range of vegetables and fruits. The app also monitors time keeping from either your smartphone or Apple Watch and sends you a notification when each individual item needs to be flipped or turned.

      • MyFitnessPal

        With a summer vacation around the corner, it’s time to get in shape! What better way to do this than with an app which counts calories and plans fitness routines. Type in your height, weight, age and fitness goals and MyFitnessPal will present you with a recommended calorie count, whilst monitoring consumption. This provides an excellent tool for formulating meal plans. MyFitnessPal also has over 300 preloaded exercise routines which you can adopt and carry out, making trying a new variety of activity simple. The app also has a forum area, where fellow members can interact and exchange exercise routines and nutritional values.