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How to get the most out of WhatsApp features

WhatsApp is not just a social media platform designed to facilitate and simplify calling or messaging contacts from anywhere in the world through the internet- it also offers a range of unique and interesting features. This blog post serves as a guide to make sure you get the most out of WhatsApp and its features, whether you need to call home from abroad or more importantly need a response from that one non-cooperative member of the group chat- our 6 step guide has got you covered!


 1) Text editing: WhatsApp unlike many other social media streams enables text to be edited dependent on form of expression etc. Certain functions on the WhatsApp interface enable users to choose from bold, italics and strike-through text when communicating with contacts. Accessing these adapted text formats and designs is simple, with a straightforward process

To access bold text: Simply place an asterisks symbol at both the beginning and end of your intended message – *Bold*.

To access an italics font: Similarly to using bold text, enabling italics consists of inserting symbol to the beginning and end of your message, in this case an underscore _Italics_


To access a strike-through text: Non-surprisingly accessing a strikethrough text requires (You guessed it!) adding a symbol at the beginning and end of your message- this time a tilde sign ~strikethrough~


Additionally for the more ambitious WhatsApp users, it is possible to integrate a number of these features for example Bold text in an italics format would be achieved by typing the message _*BoldItalics*_


2) Broadcasting: WhatsApp also offers a broadcasting option, which is available for all of its users. Broadcasting lists enable messages to be sent to multiple numbers or contacts and can be accessed by tapping the chat heading in the bottom right of the screen, enabling the broadcast list to be opened in the top left of the screen. These can then be sent to any number of contacts! WhatsApp’s broadcasting feature can be used to send pretty much anything and is particularly useful for quickly informing regular contacts if you aren’t going to be active for a while.


3) Sending GIF’s: GIF’s are a popular form of social media interaction and can often be used as a witty response to a previous message. With that said, it is of pivotal importance that you are aware of how to access the wonderful world of GIF’s within WhatsApp. Like many other social media outlets, WhatsApp offers its own collection of GIF’s free to use for all users. To access WhatsApp’s GIFS, follow the usual approach to accessing multimedia and press the ‘+’ icon, once opened you will have identified a section entitled GIF featured a magnifying glass. Open this and you will find a GIF more than appropriate for any social media situation!

4) Monitor when your messages have been read: Tired of waiting hours for a reply from that same person on the group chat? WhatsApp offers a unique feature to inform you when the said party has seen your message. Once a message has been read the two ticks located in the bottom right of the message will turn to blue. Please note if you haven’t received a response by this time, you may want to type a follow up message!

5) Manage your social life: WhatsApp facilitates the organisation of your social life, with its exclusive add to calendar feature. Using WhatsApp will ensure you never miss a social event or turn up late ever again, whether you or a counterpart in your conversation sends a date it will appear automatically as a link to add to your calendar. For the more spur of the moment/ last minute individuals among us (myself included!), WhatsApp has also been programmed to recognize certain key words such as today or tomorrow- making spontaneous plans easier than ever!

6) Calling People is also facilitated by WhatsApp. This provides an alternative to using up minutes on your cellular plan. This feature is particularly useful and cost effective when at home with access to a Wi-Fi connection- preserving valuable minutes. The calling feature included within WhatsApp is also of great advantage when travelling abroad. Connecting to a Wi-Fi connection upon arrival at your chosen destination, not only provides a homesick call home (we’ve all been there!), it will also make expensive roaming charges a thing of the past!