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Ready, Set, Go! Cellhire is ready for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

Today, July 24th, is the date the Tokyo Olympics 2020 would have started – had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cellhire would have been there, with its Tokyo office and support channels, as a provider of thousands of high-speed mobile data connections, and low-cost calling, to athletes, journalists and broadcasters, spectators, sponsors, officials and VIPs.

AllTalk AppCellhire has huge experience in supplying and supporting such services to global, regional and national sports events. The company was geared up for the Tokyo Olympics with an expanded Tokyo office, online and offline support and a new Cellhire-trademarked product, AllTalk.

AllTalk is its new VoIP-based app for providing low cost calling during the Olympics and, thereafter, to businesses and the public sector in the UK and beyond.

International Olympic Committee [IOC] “fully committed”

In line with what the IOC hopes will happen next year, and with an eye on the control of the pandemic, Cellhire has resumed planning for the Olympics. To quote the BBC and other media this month, “Tokyo 2020: IOC ‘fully committed’ to rescheduled Olympics taking place in 2021”.

When Tokyo 2020 happens, it will be during July and August next year, potentially with a pared down version, although that may change nearer the time. Some 600,000 spectators/tourists had been expected for Tokyo 2020.

Enabling live broadcasts and reports

Cellhire will be there to support those all-important mobile data connections and hardware, which enable live broadcasts to happen regardless of location.

For the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan Cellhire provided individuals and organisations with local Japanese SIM cards, thousands of data comms connections, smartphones, mobile hotspots, satellite devices and other value-added telecoms services.

Why choose Cellhire?

JP-StadiumHaving had a long-standing presence in Japan since 2005, Cellhire is experienced in providing first-class telecoms services in the Japanese market. With access to two local Japanese networks, Docomo and Softbank, and monitoring of the 5G roll out, Cellhire can ensure full country coverage on exclusive rates for attendees requiring bespoke voice and data packages.

As previously announced, Cellhire has relocated and upsized its central Tokyo offices to better accommodate its customers during the event. The utilisation of the new, bigger office premises will allow for optimised on-ground support and next day delivery, providing excellent customer service and support during the event.


JP-SupportFor the Olympics next year Cellhire will be providing in-country support with a technical support team available 24/7. SIM and device requirements will be delivered in advance of the event, and customers will be able to make use of services such as address book programming to ensure they are action-ready upon arrival in Japan.

Cellhire is ready for the Tokyo Olympic Games to happen safely next year and is looking forward to supporting its loyal customers at the event. Are you prepared?

To discuss your mobile voice and data requirements for Japan, and to view the complete event offer, please contact your local Cellhire office.

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