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Is Cellular IoT Connectivity Really a Better Data Solution for your Customers?

Cellular IoT connectivity is the technology that connects physical objects to the internet using cellular mobile networks like Vodafone, O2 or EE, just as a regular SIM card does. An IoT SIM however is not a mobile broadband SIM, a regular mobile broadband SIM card only provides connectivity and does not include the additional functionality offered by IoT connectivity providers. IoT SIM cards can help improve and make it easier to scale your business by attracting more customers, reducing costs, and beating the competition. This blog will highlight some of the core benefits an IoT SIM card can offer and why this is a better data solution for your customers.

What Does an IoT SIM Card Offer?

Flexibility of Contracts, Costs and Coverage:

Regular Mobile Broadband SIMs have often proven difficult to manage at scale and deploy over many regions at a reasonable cost, IoT SIMs however provide much more flexibility and open possibilities such as:

  • Flexible Commercial Structures – Contract terms that accommodate your specific business needs and let you stay in control over your usage volume and billing date for example.
  • Local Multi-Network Access – A single IoT SIM can prioritise the strongest signal available by automatically switching between networks seamlessly on a global scale. No more switching SIMs for international roaming.
  • Flexibility Over Managing Your SIM Estate – Pause, resume and cancel a SIM or edit its associated terms remotely.

A New Level of Management & Control

Many IoT devices don’t provide screens that offer user interface settings, data usage or their network status and so most operators offer a type of SIM Management Portal instead. This can offer your business and customers real-time insights into the data volume used, connected networks, costs associated with devices and the ability to control and manage these options anywhere and at any time.

Access & Security:

Regular Mobile Broadband SIM cards assign dynamic IP addresses to a device, and this changes each time it may establish a connection making it very difficult to gain remote access to the SIM. IoT SIMs on the other hand can use private static IP addresses in combination with a VPN, public static IP addresses, and private APNs meaning a device can be accessed remotely wherever the location, once deployed. Log into your device to manage, change and execute commands while it’s out in the field. The majority of IoT SIMs are ruggedised, preventing the risk of failure in critical IoT solutions and with every device being kept separate, the data being transmitted is protected, with private APNs controlling network access and secure VPNs in place, your IoT devices will be safe against unauthorised access.

How Does This Benefit a Business?

IoT solutions can help businesses become more successful by:

Advancing Equipment Maintenance

  • IoT sensors in the manufacturing industry can help determine which equipment requires maintenance and what type of care it needs.
  • Machinery with built-in sensors can notify staff about breakdowns and delivery schedules, working to reduce risks and predict future issues.
  • The IoT SIMs implemented in such equipment could help save thousands of pounds in maintenance costs.

Making Employees More Productive

  • IoT smart sensors implemented in offices and manufacturing areas can collect employee data regarding performance, employee engagement and other activities.
  • This data can used by managers to effectively manage staff and distribute their time and effort more successfully to aid the working environment and efficiently use the working hours available.

Enhancing Security

  • IoT SIMs integrated into equipment means machinery can respond much quicker to any security risk as its reaction time is much faster than that of a human operator.
  • In addition to this, security systems learn from previous risks and become even more efficient in predicting and spotting a threat to the system.

Expanding Your Global Capability

  • With a new level of seamless coverage, use a single SIM for global IoT connectivity and gain access to new connectivity partnerships on a global scale.
  • Create or expand projects internationally to open new opportunities and maximise revenue, all while keeping your costs down through a single IoT solution.

Improving The Customer Experience

  • Implementing IoT data analytics can allow you to analyse data usage to gain a better understanding of customers’ behaviour, helping you to predict their future needs or actions.
  • This can aid marketing in terms of effective targeted advertising or promotional campaigns using the data gathered.

What Can Cellhire IoT Connectivity Solutions Provide You?

  • IoT proposition that meets the demands of critical IoT solutions
  • Global Network Capability – Single Network, Multi-Network, International & Roaming.
  • SIM Management Portal – Network agnostic, reporting, automation & control white label capabilities.
  • Security – Secure and resilient networks with resilient DVPN providing private & public static IP
  • Flexible Commercials – Flexible commercial structure designed for IoT use cases including Pooled, Individual, Bundles & Cellhire Flex to deliver increased margin opportunities
  • IoT Grade SIM – Ruggedised IoT SIM, preventing the risk of failure in critical IoT solutions
  • Dedicated Support – Sales & Technical Support Teams

IoT Connectivity solutions can help your business become more efficient and scalable by attracting more customers, reducing your costs and winning further competition in the industry. The additional functionality and flexibility provided by an IoT SIM card can future-proof your business enabling it to flourish, while businesses that neglect to implement innovative connectivity face a risk of losing customers and profits. Don’t wait around, enquire about becoming an Cellhire IoT Connectivity Solutions Partner today.

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