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How to set up an iPhone: The Seven Step Guide

Smartphones and more specifically iPhone’s are rapidly becoming part of people’s everyday life. With many people unable to function without them, they are an essential tool in both working and social life’s of almost every modern day individual- although there is nothing wrong with a face to face conversation (every now and then!).  With the clear importance of the iPhone highlighted, the following  Seven Step guide , aims to walk you through setting up your device- after all you can’t use a phone without setting it up, can you?


1) Turn on your device: The first step on the ladder to set up your iPhone is (need we say it, we probably should!) is to turn on your device. This step is achieved by pressing the button at the top of your phone on the right hand side. Whilst a simple and straightforward step, this is the most important stage in the set up process and kick starts your setting up process.

2) Internet Access: Following on from this, you can now begin with the more technical side of the set up process. To set up your device, regardless of the generation or model you will need access to the internet. With that said, it is advised that if possible you connect the device to a WiFi connection. After all you wouldn’t want to eat into your monthly data plan before you can actually use your iPhone! Would you? Of course not, how else are you going to send selfies on the move?

3) Selecting a WiFi connection: You surely know how to connect to a WiFi by now don’t you? (we’ll tell you anyway!). Connecting to your chosen WiFi connection is a relatively straightforward procedure, with available WiFi connections within close proximity being easily located. These can be found by opening Settings  > WiFi, having opened the WiFi icon simply tap the network of your choice. You will often find a range of different WiFi connections listed as available with certain networks requiring you to enter the password before granting access.


4) Insert your SIM Card: Following this it is essential to ensure that you insert your SIM Card into the device before proceeding further (this might seem too obvious, believe us it’s not!). Firstly identify the hole on the SIM Card Tray, using the SIM eject tool readily provided in the box your phone arrived in pull out the SIM card tray. After having done this place your SIM Card on the top of the tray. It is paramount that the SIM Card is correctly aligned otherwise the Tray cannot be reinserted, with the said gently place the SIM Card tray back in its original location. Whoever said inserting a SIM Card was an obvious procedure!

5) Create Touch ID/Passcode: The next step you will be greeted with is the option to create a Touch ID or Passcode. The touch ID is the preferred option for the technologically curious, whilst some of us (myself included!) are still getting to grips with the Passcode side of things! Whilst neither option is mandatory, it is recommended as a security measure to prevent people accessing your personal contacts and information in a case of theft or loft (or the wandering eye of friends!). In terms of security, both options are relatively secure, that is assuming you’ve not opted for the Passcode ‘1234’- in which case there’s still time to change to a less obvious Passcode. With the Touch ID being Fingerprint based it is almost impossible for anyone else to access your device even with 7.6 billion people in the world!


6) Sign in/Create Apple ID: Once completing your Touch ID or Passcode, you will be asked to Sign in with your Apple ID. For existing users of iPhones or individuals who already have an Apple ID, this is merely a case of entering your Apple ID and typing your password before proceeding. However, those who are new to the concept of an Apple ID will need to create their own Apple ID before continuing- don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds! The main function of an Apple ID is to facilitate the sign in process of Apple’s online services such as the App Store, iTunes, and iCloud. To create your Apple ID you need to provide your existing email address which is unrestricted and can be from any email provider. Told you it wasn’t too daunting!

7) Set up Siri/ other services: The final stage of your iPhone set up guide is designed to help you make the most of the features available to all iPhone users including email and location services- it is essential you enable location services for navigational purposes and if you are likely to use transport based apps such as Uber! At this stage you can enable your very own Personal Assistant in Siri, to activate Siri select the option on the Siri set up screen entitled Turn on Siri. Once the entire set up process has been completed, future use of Siri can be accessed by holding down the Home Button or saying “Hey Siri”. This stage of the iPhone set up process is optional and is not compulsory, but you surely wouldn’t want to surpass the opportunity of asking Siri to say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, would you?


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Essential Apps for Traveling

When it comes to traveling using an app is make or break. Many apps can prove crucial to facilitating your trip as hassle free as possible. Whether you’re looking for weather forecasts, taxi services or accommodation, for the modern smartphone user there is literally an app to aid all aspects of your trip. This blogpost aims to identify the essential apps you should download, to ensure a smooth trip whether traveling for business or leisure!


1) RometoRio: When it comes to travel based apps, the first idea that crosses the minds of most is often navigation based. With 136,284 Train Lines, 745,105 Bus Routes, 9,393 different ferry crossings and 49,832 flight paths, it would be rude not to let RometoRio organize your transportation! Wouldn’t it? What’s more, the app also sources rental cars and provides the option to allow to search for available accommodation during your stay- ideal for the spontaneous traveler. This trip is really starting to come together!

Download here:


2) Flight Stats: Tired of waiting around for delayed flights or hurryingly trying to find the correct terminal or departure gate? Flight stats provides the perfect remedy to ensuring your airport experience starts a vacation in the way you mean to go on- relaxing and stress free! The app provides a notification if flight is experiencing a delay, allowing time for a leisurely stroll around the terminal duty free. Similarly a notification is also sent once the departure gate is announced, preventing you from experiencing the struggles of a lengthy queue! Flight Stats even provides a flight map for the more curious travelers amongst us (me included!).

Download here:


3) Accu Weather: Whether traveling for business or pleasure awareness of your destinations weather forecast before packing and departing is always a useful thing to have. You wouldn’t wear shorts in a snowstorm would you? The app can also prove a time and space saving commodity, by eliminating need to pack unnecessary items of clothing. Therefore not only do you save time and space, Accu Weather app also avoids the Airport check in embarrassment of being other the baggage limit and systematically removing pairs of socks!

Download here:


4) Airbnb: Airbnb provides an alternative to accommodation booking to contacting a hotel. This app enables sourcing accommodation that provides you with more freedom and flexibility. Opposing the traditional hotel or bed and breakfast facility, Airbnb allows you to house share or rent a house for the duration of your stay. This creates a greater degree when it comes to checking in or out and mealtimes- after all a home cooked meal (whilst traveling!), always beats a hotel set menu! Additionally, house sharing also allows you to interact with other people who are also tourists in your destination!

Download here:


5) Maps: Maps is an essential application when looking to find your way around a vacation destination or even your hometown (yes, I may have used it in the latter!). Which confirms that maps is particularly useful when traveling to and navigating your way around an unknown or unfamiliar destination. Maps carefully analyses roads and footpaths for the motorists and pedestrians, verbally and visually guiding you through the quickest route from A to B making the act of being lost a thing of the past! The app even has a public transport option identifying bus or metro routes and detailing their departure times

Download here:


6) Uber: Uber provides a revolutionary concept in the transport industry, instead of manually calling a taxi firm from your cell phone with potentially long waits and expensive fares, Uber allows for you to simply search for your chosen destination from your current location. This can prove a particularly useful tool when traveling to an unknown city, as the app locates the closest Uber driver to your location- minimising waiting times and avoiding awkward language barriers.

Download here:


7) Trip Advisor: Not every day is a holiday (in fact they’re few and far between!), so it’s essential to maximise enjoyment during those that are- Trip Advisor is certainly pivotal in achieving this! Trip Advisor is based around people’s experiences and reviews at hotels and restaurants and is a constantly expanding database. This service provides you with the opportunity to identify the best hotels and restaurants to make your experiences as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. In other words it identifies where’s hot and where’s not- embracing the former and carefully avoiding the latter!

Download here:


8) XE Currency: Renowned for its accurate and fast transition of information, XE Currency facilitates the conversion of multi currencies with ease. The app also downloads and stores the rates of different currencies, this is particularly useful when traveling abroad as it will significantly reduce any roaming charges that you could be exposed to! Additionally historic data and precious metals are also stored within the app on off line mode, allowing for the monitoring of trends.

Download here:

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How to get the most out of WhatsApp features

WhatsApp is not just a social media platform designed to facilitate and simplify calling or messaging contacts from anywhere in the world through the internet- it also offers a range of unique and interesting features. This blog post serves as a guide to make sure you get the most out of WhatsApp and its features, whether you need to call home from abroad or more importantly need a response from that one non-cooperative member of the group chat- our 6 step guide has got you covered!


 1) Text editing: WhatsApp unlike many other social media streams enables text to be edited dependent on form of expression etc. Certain functions on the WhatsApp interface enable users to choose from bold, italics and strike-through text when communicating with contacts. Accessing these adapted text formats and designs is simple, with a straightforward process

To access bold text: Simply place an asterisks symbol at both the beginning and end of your intended message – *Bold*.

To access an italics font: Similarly to using bold text, enabling italics consists of inserting symbol to the beginning and end of your message, in this case an underscore _Italics_


To access a strike-through text: Non-surprisingly accessing a strikethrough text requires (You guessed it!) adding a symbol at the beginning and end of your message- this time a tilde sign ~strikethrough~


Additionally for the more ambitious WhatsApp users, it is possible to integrate a number of these features for example Bold text in an italics format would be achieved by typing the message _*BoldItalics*_


2) Broadcasting: WhatsApp also offers a broadcasting option, which is available for all of its users. Broadcasting lists enable messages to be sent to multiple numbers or contacts and can be accessed by tapping the chat heading in the bottom right of the screen, enabling the broadcast list to be opened in the top left of the screen. These can then be sent to any number of contacts! WhatsApp’s broadcasting feature can be used to send pretty much anything and is particularly useful for quickly informing regular contacts if you aren’t going to be active for a while.


3) Sending GIF’s: GIF’s are a popular form of social media interaction and can often be used as a witty response to a previous message. With that said, it is of pivotal importance that you are aware of how to access the wonderful world of GIF’s within WhatsApp. Like many other social media outlets, WhatsApp offers its own collection of GIF’s free to use for all users. To access WhatsApp’s GIFS, follow the usual approach to accessing multimedia and press the ‘+’ icon, once opened you will have identified a section entitled GIF featured a magnifying glass. Open this and you will find a GIF more than appropriate for any social media situation!

4) Monitor when your messages have been read: Tired of waiting hours for a reply from that same person on the group chat? WhatsApp offers a unique feature to inform you when the said party has seen your message. Once a message has been read the two ticks located in the bottom right of the message will turn to blue. Please note if you haven’t received a response by this time, you may want to type a follow up message!

5) Manage your social life: WhatsApp facilitates the organisation of your social life, with its exclusive add to calendar feature. Using WhatsApp will ensure you never miss a social event or turn up late ever again, whether you or a counterpart in your conversation sends a date it will appear automatically as a link to add to your calendar. For the more spur of the moment/ last minute individuals among us (myself included!), WhatsApp has also been programmed to recognize certain key words such as today or tomorrow- making spontaneous plans easier than ever!

6) Calling People is also facilitated by WhatsApp. This provides an alternative to using up minutes on your cellular plan. This feature is particularly useful and cost effective when at home with access to a Wi-Fi connection- preserving valuable minutes. The calling feature included within WhatsApp is also of great advantage when travelling abroad. Connecting to a Wi-Fi connection upon arrival at your chosen destination, not only provides a homesick call home (we’ve all been there!), it will also make expensive roaming charges a thing of the past!

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How to Block a Number from a Samsung?

Are you tired of constant spam calls, messages and emails? Or is it a personal number that is bothering you? Such unwanted contact can become tiresome and frustrating, so it’s important to know how to avoid these issues in the future. A common option to prevent spam callers or contacts, is to ring up your network provider and ask them to block certain numbers. However, this is a task that can prove particularly time consuming. The following guide provides a hassle free, manual approach to block numbers which only requires a small amount of your time.  The following content explains the process required to block a number from a Samsung device, as well as enabling the blocking of all unknown/withheld numbers, as well as the option to block an individual number.


1) Tap the Phone Icon: The first step to blocking a number on your Samsung device is relatively straightforward and self-explanatory (we’ll tell you anyway!). On your home screen, tap the Phone Icon on your home screen, as though you were about to make a call or open your contact list


2) Open more options: Having opened the Phone Icon, you will notice 3 small dots, vertically aligned and located in the top right corner of the screen. These dots represent more options, tap to open these.


3) Settings: Upon opening more options you will be presented with a drop down choice of options, you will need to select the bottom option labelled Settings, in order to continue with the process.


4) Block Numbers: Once settings have been identified scroll through the various settings categories, until you reach call settings- here the first option that you will find is a brief description entitled Block Numbers. Open this description.


5) Blocking an Anonymous Number: After this stage the first port of call is the option to block anonymous calls, by following a simplistic process. This process consists of identifying the setting, (conveniently the setting at the top of the list!) and then merely switching on the button termed Block anonymous calls to prevent anymore anonymous numbers contacting you.


6) Blocking Personal Numbers: The alternative course of action to blocking anonymous numbers is the ability to block individual or personal numbers with an identity. To block any number of this description, simply type the specified number into the box entitled Add Phone Number (located directly below the Block anonymous calls switch).


7) View Blocked Numbers: Directly underneath the Add Phone Number section, you can find access to any numbers you have previously blocked, which are made visible and listed here. This tool can also be used for monitoring purposes.



*Please note this process is based solely on Samsung devices (I was using a Samsung Galaxy S7) and will not be applicable on other provider’s devices.

Looking for a guide to number blocking on an iPhone?  Check out:

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Essential Apps To Enjoy Summer

With summer here, it’s time for you to start making plans and creating memories. Whether you’re traveling the world, visiting the beach or just on staycation, it is essential you occupy your time, have fun and most importantly stay safe.  Technology has shaped organization and schedules in recent years and in the modern world that we live in there’s pretty much an app for everything! With so many apps on the market to choose from, it is increasingly important that you choose the right apps to make the most out of summer this year.

      • PackPoint

        When it comes to the vacation season, packing your suitcase marks the start of your adventure. Yet many people arrive at their vacation destination with excess and unnecessary luggage. Downloading PackPoint will prevent this from ever happening again! PackPoint prides itself on its smart packing ability, based on the duration of your visit, activities arranged during the vacation and forecasted weather at the travel destination- PackPoint will organize and advise exactly what you need to pack.

      • Raymio

        With the summer sun finally here, it’s time to get outside! However the question on many people’s minds is: Can you enjoy the sunny weather, without causing any damage to your health? Raymio is an app designed to keep you safe in the sun and protected from its UV Rays, by using a number of settings. By informing Raymio of your complexion, the app is able to give you the most accurate guidance, by checking out the amount of sun that your skin can to be exposed before incurring risk and harm. Additionally by notifying the app of your location and environment, the app becomes personalized and based on current conditions and UV rays, a notification will be sent each time you need to top up with sun lotion.

      • DoStuff

        DoStuff provides a straightforward means of activity finding, by listing events that are happening in 20 major US cities, the app enables you to fill your evenings and weekends with entertainment. Event organizers and co-ordinators from across the US, work closely alongside the app operators and inform DoStuff of events that they have organized- detailing date, time and location. This allows you to find out what’s happening near you or to experience something new in a city you happen to be visiting. Therefore making DoStuff an essential app for creating memories on either a staycation or vacation.

      • Spotify

        Spotify provides the perfect condiment to a summer’s evening. With excess of 30 million songs at your disposal, there’s ample music to suit everybody’s taste. Spotify has the option to download your favorite songs and albums to your device, alongside the opportunity to create your own playlist. The app also recommends new songs and artists based on the content you have been listening to, providing users with an opportunity to discover and explore the unknown. The app also provides you with built-in, pre-made playlists dependent on the mood- whether it’s a chilled evening in the garden or a vacation playlist, Spotify has it covered.

      • GrillTime

        Ideal for the perfect summer BBQ, GrillTime enables food to be tailored to your own bespoke needs. Enjoy a refreshing cool drink by the grill, with the timer set up. The app is also broken down into meat categories, where the optimum conditions for cooking individual items are provided; including turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, steak, sausages and burgers. Alongside this, there is also the option to view grilling instructions for a vast range of vegetables and fruits. The app also monitors time keeping from either your smartphone or Apple Watch and sends you a notification when each individual item needs to be flipped or turned.

      • MyFitnessPal

        With a summer vacation around the corner, it’s time to get in shape! What better way to do this than with an app which counts calories and plans fitness routines. Type in your height, weight, age and fitness goals and MyFitnessPal will present you with a recommended calorie count, whilst monitoring consumption. This provides an excellent tool for formulating meal plans. MyFitnessPal also has over 300 preloaded exercise routines which you can adopt and carry out, making trying a new variety of activity simple. The app also has a forum area, where fellow members can interact and exchange exercise routines and nutritional values.

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How to Improve Battery Life on a Samsung

Over 50% of smartphone users check their phone immediately after waking up. But the modern smart phone user requires their device for a whole lot more than just a wake-up call. Whether it is for organizing and managing a hectic weekly schedule at work or for social media interaction – the smartphone is found at the root of these activities. With this in mind it is essential that you optimize the battery life of your device!

  • Enable Power Saving Mode.

    This ensures that all unnecessary open apps are then shutdown, enhancing and prolonging battery life. Access to this function can be gained through opening Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode > Save Power.

  • Brightness Settings.

    Keeping Auto Brightness switched on is an effective way of preserving battery life on a Samsung device, to install this measure use Settings > Brightness > Auto Brightness. The brightness of a device can also be adjusted manually at the user’s discretion.

  • Charge Regularly

    Avoid waiting for a flat battery before charging your phone. The optimum conditions for charging the device are when battery life is around 20%. Consistently waiting until the phone battery is flat can cause long term damage to the battery.

  • Turn Vibrate Off

    Refrain from having the vibrate setting on when receiving a call or notification. In order to function, the vibrate setting requires a larger amount of battery life than the sound or silent mode setting – as a vibration motor has to be triggered each time. To avoid the unnecessary drainage of your battery, vibrate mode can be turned off by adjusting the sound setting: Settings > Volume.

  • Monitor Signal Strength of Your Device.

    If you are in an area with poor cellular coverage/connections, the workload of your device is enhanced in order to establish a connection – consequently draining the battery life of your device. A suitable option to prevent this is to turn off mobile data: Settings > Mobile Data or even turn on airplane mode in such areas: Settings > Airplane Mode.

  • Software Updates

    In order to function correctly with the latest software updates, you should ensure that all apps are automatically updated, as soon as an update becomes available: Settings > Updates > Download Updates Automatically. This is an essential component for preserving battery life.

  • Bluetooth

    Utilities such as Bluetooth require a large amount of battery life and are not always required. Therefore, only activating Bluetooth when you need to connect to another device or transfer content, when not required Bluetooth can be turned off by: Settings > Bluetooth. This is an effective way of saving battery life.

  • App Consumption

    Identify which open apps are consuming the most battery and manage this accordingly. This can be done by opening Settings > Battery. This will then reveal a detailed breakdown of each individual app.

  • Prevent Push Email.

    Push email, is a service available on Samsung devices, which alerts you as a user each time you have received a new Email. By providing this service the battery is drained, in order to disable this configuration, you must first identify the app for your Email provider – for example ‘Gmail’. Once this has been found, open Settings > Notifications > ‘Gmail’ > Notifications Off. Although disabling Push Email will result in the manual checking of emails, it will help save the battery of your device.

  • Location Services.

    Location services consume a large amount of battery life and are not necessary most of the time. To prevent Location Services from drain ing battery life, the setting can be disabled by accessing Settings > Location Icon. This setting is interchangeable and can be reactivated when using apps such as Uber and Maps, which will inevitably require your current location.

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Beware of Free WiFi

Using public WiFi can be unsecure and even dangerous affecting both your personal data and potentially, your bank balance.Cellhire MiFi

If you’re out and about traveling and you need to access your personal accounts on various platforms including internet banking and social media, you might find that you’re walking right in to the arms of cyber criminals.

Most café and hotel WiFi is insecure allowing anyone with the right know-how to hijack your traffic and steal your information. Among the most common threats are “man in the middle” attacks where hackers insert themselves between users and a hotspot to gather data passing between two points. Other problems include rogue hotspots with names like “Free Public Wi-Fi”, tricking people into connecting to what they think are legitimate hotspots. Cyber criminals set these up to steal information from unsuspecting users.

One reason for the increase in Wi-Fi hacking is the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots. Figures from a report commissioned by the Wireless Broadband Alliance show the number of Wi-Fi hotspots reached 1.3m worldwide in 2013 and will rise to 5.8m in 2015.

Tools such as Firesheep make it easy for a hacker to snoop on other people’s browsing sessions over Wi-Fi and steal information. Other more advanced tools like Wireshark can also be used to capture and analyse traffic.

Instead of using free WiFi and taking these risks, you can take a WiFi Router from Cellhire which offers a secure connection for all of your personal data. Don’t take unnecessary risks with security.

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Cellhire makes charitable donation to UNICEF

Cellhire, global wireless communications provider, has made a charitable donation to UNICEF.

Rather than sending Christmas cards and corporate gifts to customers, Cellhire made the decision to contribute £2017 to support UNICEF’s relief efforts in Aleppo and the region generally.

As violence continues to escalate in Aleppo, thousands of children are suffering in silence and coming under brutal attack. You can read the UNICEF statement on the plight of children in Aleppo here –

Cellhire’s support and donation, will be used to protect children in danger, provide warm clothing and blankets, and build a safer world for tomorrow’s children.


For 70 years, UNICEF has worked to improve the lives of children and their families.

Despite remarkable challenges around the world, UNICEF staffers fight for the rights of every child seeking safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflicts, and equality.


Individuals can make donations online –


To read more about UNICEF’s aid work for children in danger, please go to

About Cellhire

Founded in York in 1987, Cellhire is a specialist global service provider. The company’s success is built on providing the very best wireless solutions available anywhere and the company prides itself on being easy to do business with. Cellhire is a leading supplier to organisers and businesses during events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro finals and The Cannes Film Festival.

In 2005 Cellhire won the Queen’s Award for International Enterprise as a result of its success as a specialist in the delivery of communications solutions for events around the world. Cellhire’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of customer service is underlined by its continued attainment of ISO 9001:2008, the internationally recognised quality standard. Cellhire has service agreements with more than 100 network partners in more than 40 countries, ensuring coverage is truly global.

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Cellhire’s Paralympic contribution honoured by Sir Philip Craven MBE, President of the International Paralympic Committee.

September 27th 2016. York. During the Rio 2016 Paralympic and Olympic Games, telecommunications provider Cellhire delivered a record-breaking 22,000 connections, 4,000 of which were used during the Paralympics. This quickly became Cellhire’s most successful event to date after the Olympics at London 2012, with Cellhire providing service to over a dozen of the main Paralympic teams.

Keen to give back to the local Brazilian community and in support of the #filltheseats campaign initiated by Greg Nugent and backed by Prince Harry, Cellhire purchased 200 children’s tickets to enable underprivileged children in Brazil to attend the Rio Paralympics.

Tim Williams, Cellhire’s Chairman and CEO said, “It was a real privilege to put something back into the local community and provide support for such an important campaign. The Paralympics and Olympics has steered a sizable part of 2016 and naturally we are extremely pleased with the record-breaking number of connections.”

In a personal letter to Cellhire, International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President, Sir Philip Craven MBE thanked Cellhire for the contribution “I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your role in making the #filltheseats campaign such a global success.”

He continued, “Cellhire’s contribution and support for the campaign is much appreciated. Not only did it help us invite 15,000 young Brazilians to the Games but it also sent a message to families across Brazil that the Paralympics was not to be missed and something that they would never ever forget.”

Cellhire SIM CardCellhire is closely linked with the Paralympics and Olympics – thanks to its unique position as a preferred supplier of key mobile telecommunications equipment. Cellhire provides SIM cards, smartphones, MiFi devices (portable, wireless routers) and other value-added telecoms services to major global media organisations, sponsors, Paralympic and Olympic Federations, teams and other visitors at the events.

Further information regarding the #filltheseats campaign is available at and via the official YouTube video

About Cellhire

Founded in York in 1987, Cellhire is a specialist global service provider. The company’s success is built on providing the very best wireless solutions available anywhere and the company prides itself on being easy to do business with. Cellhire is a leading supplier to organisers and businesses during events such as the Paralympic and Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro finals and The Cannes Film Festival.

In 2005 Cellhire won the Queen’s Award for International Enterprise as a result of its success as a specialist in the delivery of communications solutions for events around the world. Cellhire’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of customer service is underlined by its continued attainment of ISO 9001:2008, the internationally recognised quality standard. Cellhire has service agreements with more than 100 network partners in more than 40 countries, ensuring coverage is truly global.

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Cellhire gets behind the “#FillTheSeats” campaign to raise attendances at the Rio Paralympics

Cellhire has purchased 200 children’s tickets for the Rio Paralympics in support of the “Fill The Seats” campaign [#filltheseats] backed by Prince Harry to help raise attendances at the event by buying and giving away a total of 10,000 tickets to underprivileged children in Rio and beyond.

The tickets, costing US$30 each and totalling US$6000 [about £4500] for Cellhire, include entry to events, transport and food.

Cellhire is closely linked with the Rio Olympics and Paralympics – thanks to its position as a preferred supplier of vital mobile telecommunications equipment including SIM cards, smartphones, and MiFi devices (portable, wireless routers) and other value-added telecoms services to major global media organisations, sponsors, Olympic Federations and teams and other visitors at the events.

“We are very keen to put something back into the local community in Rio and beyond while giving support to the Paralympics, which we know are highly valued by Paralympians and sports fans the world over,” said Tim Williams, Cellhire’s Chairman and CEO.

For the Rio Olympics Cellhire has delivered a record-breaking 20,000 connections, 4,000 of which will be used during the Paralympics which began yesterday, September 7th. This has been Cellhire’s most successful overseas event to date after London 2012.


Individuals can make donations online on a crowd funding page –

That was set up by an individual, but, as of the 30th August, the IPC [International Paralympics Committee] and Rio 2016 announced a formal backing for it.