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Voice and data offers from Cellhire reduce roaming costs in Poland and Ukraine this summer

Cellhire has achieved over 3,000 voice and data rental connections for Euro 2012 by allowing clients to roam cheaply across Poland and the non-EU venue of Ukraine, which is excluded from European caps on network call charges. The majority of connections are for large international media organisations including the BBC and BSkyB and competing soccer teams from France, Spain and the UK.

Euro 2012

Increasing demand for data bundles has contributed significantly to overall orders and the majority of orders have taken an additional data bundle. Cellhire has negotiated with local European networks to offer large data allowances at highly competitive prices.

Cellhire will be providing on-site assistance for the soccer Championships and will offer its usual high standard of customer care with 24/7 customer and technical support available throughout the tournament.

Tim Williams, Cellhire Chairman and CEO says, ‘Cellhire’s success at this particular event has been largely down to its unique relationships with European networks and the high applicability of the packages on offer. Providing such a high level of support coupled with significant savings on roaming has given Cellhire the competitive edge in 2012.’

According to a 2012 study by UK price comparison site uSwitch, the average user roaming in the Ukraine could face daily costs of up to $54 for ten minutes of calls, five SMS messages and a two minute voicemail. Cellhire’s equivalent cost would be under $6 – a difference of more than 88%.

The UEFA European Championships kick off on the 8th June with co-hosts Poland playing Greece in Warsaw.

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Cellhire supports the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations in London UK

This year sees Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee and UK-wide celebrations of the Queen’s 60th year on the British throne. The four days of celebrations, beginning on the 2nd June, will kick off with the Queen attending Epsom Derby, followed by the Big Jubilee Lunch and the Thames River Pageant on the 3rd June.

Queen's Jubilee

The biggest event of the celebrations will be The Diamond Jubilee Concert held at Buckingham Palace on the 4th June with performances from the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Shirley Bassey and Stevie Wonder. The final day of celebrations will be wrapped up with a Service of Thanksgiving held at St Paul’s Cathedral on the 5th June.

For those attending the diamond jubilee events, Cellhire can supply a variety of mobile voice and data solutions for use in the UK. Cellhire products this year will see the usual mobile phones on offer alongside smartphones such as iPhone and Blackberry but also sees the introduction of tablet devices such as iPads and mobile WiFi hotspot devices. All of Cellhire’s products are designed to save money on roaming all over the world. Cellhire’s London office is available to provide technical assistance to all customers attending events in London.

If you are traveling to London or the UK please visit or call 877-244-7242 to place your order and save money on roaming costs.

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The 65th Cannes Film Festival takes place from May 16th – 27th this year in Cannes Southern France.

The festival is a yearly event that sees all aspects of the world film industry together in one place to review the year’s films and present awards to the brightest stars. The festival’s high profile and luxurious surroundings attract many of the world’s top film stars to the festival and award ceremonies.

Festival de Cannes 2012

Cellhire has been working with Festival de Cannes for the last 14 years providing attendees with mobile voice and data solutions. This year will see the usual cell phones on offer alongside smartphones such as iPhone and BlackBerry and sees the introduction of tablet devices such as iPads and mobile wireless hotspot devices. Cellhire has a contingent in Cannes to provide onsite technical assistance to all customers. Cellhire solutions for the Cannes Film Festival can be ordered online through a dedicated Cannes portal.

Cellhire solutions are used by a variety of Cannes attendees including film production companies, film distribution companies plus a large media presence including broadcasters and journalists.

Festival de Cannes, now in its 65th year, was started in a response to the Festival of Venice and has grown from there. While early editions of the Festival were primarily a social event from which almost all of the films received an award, the appearance of stars from around the world on the Festival’s red carpet combined with increasing media coverage quickly earned it a legendary international reputation. With the creation of its Marché du Film in 1959, the Festival took on a professional dimension that encouraged networking and interaction between all those involved in the film industry.

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Using mobile internet abroad?

Personal Hotspot

Being able to get online anywhere in the world is no longer a luxury, it a necessity. Global business and the demand for social media means being offline just isn’t an option. Cellhire has launched a number of mobile internet solutions to help you stay online wherever you are.

Keep your laptop connected to the internet and the office while traveling abroad with a Cellhire USB Modem. Roughly the same size as a USB memory stick, the USB Modem’s software runs and connects to the high-speed web automatically; just plug it in and away you go.

If you have more than one device to connect to the web, take a Wi-Fi Hotspot. With a Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot you can connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet/iPad (up to five devices) and share one internet connection with download speeds of up to 21/mbps.

Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot devices are light, compact (about the size of a deck of cards) and very easy to use. Simply enable Wi-Fi on your laptop/smartphone/tablet and connect using the password provided. These devices are ideal for the travelling business team or holidaying family, cutting out expensive internet roaming charges and allowing multiple users to access the web through one connection.

A range of mobile internet bundles are available covering over 80 countries worldwide. Cellhire’s European data bundles have the best prices on the web including 1GB of data to use across Europe for only $99. Buy your roaming bundle in three simple steps using our new configurator.

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Cellhire effectively manage communications during BlackBerry outage

October 13th 2011. During the BlackBerry outages over the last few days (10th – 13th October 2011) Cellhire has endeavoured to communicate clearly and effectively to its customers that rely on BlackBerry services.

BlackBerry users have suffered extensive disruption due to faults at RIM, the makers and operators of the BlackBerry network. Cellhire strived to maintain constant contact with its customers through various channels and, drawing on information from its partnerships with various network operators, keep customers as informed as possible.

Customers received real time updates via the Cellhire SMS system direct to their handsets and were invited to follow @CellhireSupport on Twitter for the latest updates on the situation at RIM. The ability to follow @CellhireSupport updates via Twitter has now become a permanent channel for real time support updates from the Cellhire Group.

Tim Williams, CEO, Cellhire Group said “On behalf of the Cellhire Group, I’d like to apologise to our customers who have encountered any disruption as a result of the BlackBerry faults. We found information coming from RIM to be confusing and sporadic at times, however, I feel that we succeeded in keeping our customers as informed as possible. The outage at RIM was very frustrating for our customers but we’re confident that providing multiple, real time channels of information helped to make the situation somewhat more bearable.”

Follow Cellhire Support on Twitter

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Wireless GPS tracking devices for students on the Ambassador Programs

This summer Cellhire will once again be providing a combination of low cost cell phones and wireless GPS tracking devices to students on the Student Ambassador Programs from People To People. This is the third year that Cellhire has provided these solutions and this year the Vismo tracking software has been enhanced to provide even greater peace of mind to parents as their children travel the world on the journey of a lifetime.

Whether it’s Europe, China or Australia, Vismo is a global GPS tracking system that will work anywhere in the world providing near real-time updates of position to a secure website. Because Vismo uses cell tower locations in addition to GPS, Vismo will continue to work when the device is indoors. Parents can see not only the current location of their child but also their current battery level and signal strength, as well as a full history of trail of locations updated every 20 minutes. To provide additional peace of mind, this year sees the launch of the BlackBox feature. This allows a parent to view every call and SMS made or received from the Vismo smartphone.

A new feature for 2011 is Vismo Device Check. When parents are unable to reach their child on their Vismo device their first question is whether their child has their phone turned on. Vismo has a feature which allows a parent to confirm this in real-time by sending a simple, discreet SMS to the device. And if the phone is turned off, the parent will be alerted when it is turned back on again.

As an additional security feature, each BlackBerry smartphone has a “panic button”. When this is pressed, an e-mail and SMS alert are sent immediately to the People To People central control facility as well as to the Vismo device carried by the Primary Leader of the child’s trip delegation so that instant escalation can occur. The alerts show the last known position of the device and allow rapid action to be taken should a child get into difficulty.

Vismo also allows parents to stay in touch through a web-based SMS system. Parents can send SMS directly to their child’s Vismo Tracking BlackBerry from the secure website. Replies are also shown on the website in an inbox format. Each parent will receive login details which allow them to view only their individual child’s Vismo device.


For more information about how Vismo can help your organization please visit

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Mexico cell phone arrives with 3 new airtime products

Cellhire are proud to announce 3 new local airtime products to help you save when travelling to South America and Europe.

As with most of Cellhire’s solutions incoming calls are free and for all three solutions you may take…

  • the SIM-only option if you have an unlocked handset from only $9 per week or
  • the SIM + Cellphone solution from only $19 per week

Cellhire have secured fantastic rates with the networks so calls back to the US are only $1.29 per minute from Mexico and only $0.89 from Poland.

And of course, should you need email or internet access, Cellhire can provide international BlackBerry and USB modems for your trip. To view cellhire’s international portfolio click here.