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Wireless GPS tracking devices for students on the Ambassador Programs

This summer Cellhire will once again be providing a combination of low cost cell phones and wireless GPS tracking devices to students on the Student Ambassador Programs from People To People. This is the third year that Cellhire has provided these solutions and this year the Vismo tracking software has been enhanced to provide even greater peace of mind to parents as their children travel the world on the journey of a lifetime.

Whether it’s Europe, China or Australia, Vismo is a global GPS tracking system that will work anywhere in the world providing near real-time updates of position to a secure website. Because Vismo uses cell tower locations in addition to GPS, Vismo will continue to work when the device is indoors. Parents can see not only the current location of their child but also their current battery level and signal strength, as well as a full history of trail of locations updated every 20 minutes. To provide additional peace of mind, this year sees the launch of the BlackBox feature. This allows a parent to view every call and SMS made or received from the Vismo smartphone.

A new feature for 2011 is Vismo Device Check. When parents are unable to reach their child on their Vismo device their first question is whether their child has their phone turned on. Vismo has a feature which allows a parent to confirm this in real-time by sending a simple, discreet SMS to the device. And if the phone is turned off, the parent will be alerted when it is turned back on again.

As an additional security feature, each BlackBerry smartphone has a “panic button”. When this is pressed, an e-mail and SMS alert are sent immediately to the People To People central control facility as well as to the Vismo device carried by the Primary Leader of the child’s trip delegation so that instant escalation can occur. The alerts show the last known position of the device and allow rapid action to be taken should a child get into difficulty.

Vismo also allows parents to stay in touch through a web-based SMS system. Parents can send SMS directly to their child’s Vismo Tracking BlackBerry from the secure website. Replies are also shown on the website in an inbox format. Each parent will receive login details which allow them to view only their individual child’s Vismo device.


For more information about how Vismo can help your organization please visit

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Mexico cell phone arrives with 3 new airtime products

Cellhire are proud to announce 3 new local airtime products to help you save when travelling to South America and Europe.

As with most of Cellhire’s solutions incoming calls are free and for all three solutions you may take…

  • the SIM-only option if you have an unlocked handset from only $9 per week or
  • the SIM + Cellphone solution from only $19 per week

Cellhire have secured fantastic rates with the networks so calls back to the US are only $1.29 per minute from Mexico and only $0.89 from Poland.

And of course, should you need email or internet access, Cellhire can provide international BlackBerry and USB modems for your trip. To view cellhire’s international portfolio click here.

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Keep cell phone and mobile broadband costs down while enjoying the London Games in 2012

London 2012

During the summer of 2012, thousands of tourists will arrive in the UK from all over the United States, Canada and across the globe; many hundreds of thousands will attend sporting venues for the London Games. Almost everyone will have cell phones. How many of those people will find a shocking bill waiting for them at home, simply because they didn’t think about the cost of roaming while using their cellular phone abroad?

It isn’t just about airtime rates anymore; it is about data as well. With the rise in the use of Smartphones, many of us gobble up data like nothing, not even realizing how much we are using. We are getting used to having a wireless app for everything.

Wise travelers will shop around and look at alternatives for communicating while in London. Cell phone rental at the London Games with a UK SIM card is a great way to make sure that you have a cell phone that will work plus low rates using local airtime. Most providers will offer free incoming calls. In addition to free incoming calls in the UK, Cellhire offers great rates to call back to many countries, including the US. They also offer mobile broadband rental for use in London with Mobile USB sticks / Internet sticks. Using a UK SIM within a BlackBerry Smartphone rental for mobile data use will save a great deal of money. If you are unsure of how much data you use, or if you need to manage your usage to control costs, the Cellhire DataManger application is provided to all customers free of charge. It is a great tool that keeps you on top of and in control of your usage, so you won’t be surprised when you receive your bill back at home.

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Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan

The devastation caused by the magnitude 9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on Friday March 11th, have created a massive obstacle for the Japanese people to confront.

This catastrophic natural disaster has been described by Japan’s Prime Minister, Naoto Kan “as the single greatest challenge that the country has faced since World War II”. However there can be no doubt that the resilience, courage and determination of the Japanese people will be a significant factor in overcoming this tragedy.

There was no better example of this than that demonstrated by Cellhire Japan’s Business Development Director, Joji Kanemoto who is based in Tokyo. “Initially we thought that the tremors weren’t out of the ordinary but it became clear as they continued that this was very unusual.” Joji commented.

As there was no delivery service available because of the emergency and public transport had shut down, Joji decided to deliver some urgent orders personally and on foot. Some 6.5 hours later he made it back to his home, to find that his family and home had escaped the worst effects of the earthquake.

Tim Williams, Cellhire plc’s Chairman and Chief Executive commented “Joji’s attitude on Friday is a shining example of how the Japanese people will deal with this shocking event. With a calm and single minded resolve he wanted to demonstrate that Japan and Cellhire remained open for business regardless of circumstances.”

Cellhire has had an office in Tokyo for over 6 years and in response to demand from the Japanese government, aid agencies and international rescue teams, Cellhire is shipping a large quantity of Iridium satellite phones to Japan to help with the recovery process.

Also as part of its contribution to the rebuilding effort in Japan, Cellhire is offering free rental to individual consumers and charities on all Japanese cell phone rentals and Japanese SIM card rentals*. In addition Cellhire will make an equivalent contribution to the Japanese Red Cross until April 30th 2011.

*Offer ends on April 30th 2011, when normal rental rates will apply. Call rates are as shown on our websites subject to normal terms and conditions.

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The Cost of Convenience: Are You Overpaying?

Recent improvements in both cell phone technology and cellular coverage have made it extremely easy to stay connected anywhere in the world. A few years ago, international travelers looking to place calls while traveling outside the US only had a few options, but not anymore. US carriers realized there was a sizeable market of international travelers who were talking on other carrier’s airtime and they moved quickly to sign roaming agreements which would allow their customers to roam with their US numbers on GSM networks around the world.

Pricing for these roamed calls initially was quite high but over time has become more affordable – and easier to understand – as carriers have adopted a flat rate pricing matrix consisting of international roaming zones. Users could now roam throughout Western Europe for example and know their call costs would be .99 per minute regardless of what country they were in or whether they were placing or receiving a call. This was almost a perfect world for the international traveler: they boarded their plane, arrived at their destination, turned their cell phone on and it worked. Friends, family and business associates could reach them on their personal cell phone number wherever they traveled.

Unfortunately this simplicity of this solution soon led to a very high cost of convenience. It prevented users from investigating other options for voice solutions as it was more convenient to keep your own number rather than seek out lower cost alternatives. The end of 2008 saw the US enter into recession. Companies still had a need for international travel but the costs had to be brought under control. Alternatives such as Cellhire’s global roaming and local airtime solutions offer customers high quality voice service at rates up to 40% below those of US carriers.

Tough economic times have forced telecom managers to weigh the convenience of employees keeping their own numbers against the savings of using alternative airtime solutions. This can be a tough sell to the executive who doesn’t have time to think about swapping SIM cards, perhaps taking an entirely different cell phone – they simply wants to get on the plane and go. “This is exactly the type of customer Cellhire likes to be in front of because the message is so clear,” said John Henry, Vice President of Operations for Cellhire USA. “At first we explain how we can save up to 50% off of their average international call spend. When taken in terms of per minute pricing we’re talking cents and that initially doesn’t seem like much. However, when you explain that their company spent $20,000 on international roaming calls last month a little light goes off and the epiphany begins.” The process is very simple. Cellhire takes an actual customer cell phone bill and substitutes their appropriate solution for the country the customer visited. They are able to show the customer exactly what the Cellhire solution would have cost for those same calls. In most cases the inconvenience of changing cell phone numbers is greatly outweighed by the savings achieved.

Another advantage of solutions offered by a company like Cellhire is the freedom of having zero long term commitments. There are no contracts, no minimum spend requirements, you only use the solution when you need it and only pay for the minutes you use. Plans change, trips are postponed, why not use a solution that offers the flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of your business. Successful companies will be those who keep their business growing. Reduced margins and revenue numbers mean overheads must be reduced in order to maintain any growth and momentum. Finding a partner to help you achieve these cost reductions will be critical to success in this economic climate and in the future.

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Market leader in mergers and aquisitions

A market leader in mergers and acquisitions, this firm offers a range of investment banking and asset management services to corporate and government clients, as well as institutional and individual investors.

The challenge

This market leader client is truly global, employing more than 30,000 individuals in over 100 countries. Each year thousands of company employees travel the world to follow economic trends and to focus on the needs of international clients. Due to their frequent and diverse travel destinations, this company sought a communications partner capable of providing voice and data mobile communications anywhere in the world.

Critical to their success for the client was to meet the following objectives:

  • Provide ubiquitous mobile voice and data service throughout the globe
  • Local number access
  • Controlled expense reporting by project
  • Fully-outsourced service with no direct cost
  • Customized web-site tied to the company’s intranet for order processing
    24 hrs a day
  • Reserve number allocation for large corporate events weeks prior to travel

The solution

Over the last 10 years this market leader has partnered with Cellhire to provide its employees with international communications solutions. As they extended their client base to new countries, Cellhire provided mobile voice and data communication devices to support their local operations.

Cellhire and this firm worked collectively to create a customized order website, enabling thousands of their employees to place individual orders in advance of their trip – whether it be weeks or hours – and receive their equipment on time prior to their departure.

The results

As technology changed, their employees benefited from Cellhire’s continuous upgrades in equipment, airtime solutions and processes.

Additionally, Cellhire also provided the following tailored solutions:

  • Same day delivery of equipment in local areas in which Cellhire has an office.
  • 24 hour technical support and same day phone replacements in many European destinations.
  • Local US long term rental devices for summer intern programs.
  • Global Fraud Protection. When spending reached a set limit Cellhire alerts the client where they can verify with their end user to ensure that the phone was not lost or stolen.
  • In August 2008, the client’s Board of Directors meeting was held in Moscow, Russia. Cellhire supplied more than two dozen mobile handsets equipped with local Russian airtime for a cost effective roaming solution.

Client feedback

“Cellhire is a true service partner, whenever we have a special request they find a way to accommodate it. They are a pleasure to work with and have always provided us with exceptional service.”

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International BlackBerry: Ultimate Travel Companion

What better way to keep connected while traveling abroad than with the ultimate communication tool, an International BlackBerry. Rent the best piece of wireless equipment from Cellhire, and exceed your travel expectations in terms of connectivity, speed, communication.

The perfect travel companion, BlackBerry allows users to access to email, phone, data, applications, games and the Internet from a handheld device. It can be customized to meet the needs of one customer or an entire enterprise, in any industry and all in one sleek device.

No matter what your individual needs, Cellhire offers the best communication device that will enable you to accomplish more by keeping you in touch with information, colleagues and friends. BlackBerry devices allow you to stay in touch with everything that matters to you while you’re traveling on the go. Cellhire also offers some models that include a multi-media player and/or camera so you really have everything you need in one stylish traveling tool.

Cellhire’s BlackBerry solution supports leading enterprise email platforms and can be customized to meet the needs of one person or an entire enterprise, to any scale, in any industry.

Furthermore, with BlackBerry push email technology, your email will find you without having to initiate a connection. BlackBerry devices are designed to remain on and continuously connected to the wireless network, notifying you as new email arrives. In addition to the text, you can also receive and view attachments in a wide range of popular file formats, including Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, and Adobe PDF.

Also, browse the web with the integrated, full-featured browser, which quickly and efficiently displays HTML pages as well as enables you to set up RSS feeds to stay connected to up-to-the-minute news and blog posts. And keep up with your contacts using a variety of instant message (IM) networks, including the integrated Blackberry Messenger as well as downloadable clients for Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger.

When it comes to traveling the globe while staying connected you can’t go wrong with Cellhire’s BlackBerry solution, the most advanced and refined mobile communication device that helps you enjoy a more organized, balanced life.