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Mobile Broadband for Swine Flu

Cellhire came to the assistance of a leading insurance broker earlier this month, when the swine flu pandemic posed a serious threat to business.

The client anticipated staffing problems and requested mobile broadband modems on weekly rental, to allocate to personnel as and when they were unable to make it in to work.

Aside from those contracting the virus, several staff were themselves unaffected, but their partners or children caught swine flu and these people were therefore unable to come to work.

Eventually the client had over twenty key staff unable to make it into the office due to the effects of the swine flu virus. Mobile broadband connectivity enabled them to access and act upon their emails, mitigating the effects of the virus upon company performance.

Mark Arnell, head of sales at Cellhire comments “Mobile broadband as a weekly or monthly rental proposition is ideal for clients wanting to retain ‘business as usual’ in situations such as this; connectivity is maintained, but in a cost effective way, because there are no long term tie-ins to consider”.

UK News

Cellhire busy at The World Athletics Championships in Berlin.

Cellhire has been busy at The World Athletics Championships in Berlin.

Whilst Jessica Ennis and Phillips Idowu have already picked up gold medals, Cellhire has also been challenging for honors. We’ve provided clients with in excess of 80 German SIMs and wireless broadband connections, specifically for The Championships.

Customers include athletes, support personnel and a host of journalist and media staff committed to sending the latest information back to the UK as quickly as possible.

Simon Millions, Marketing Manager at Cellhire, commented “These orders illustrate that even with the new EU Roaming Regulations in place, it’s still cost effective to take ‘local’ solutions on short term rental, for events taking place in Europe”.

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New and unique roaming solution – Europe O2 roaming

Cellhire Euro Business is a unique new monthly tariff designed for ‘roaming’ customers. It utilises O2 airtime, but is not available direct from the network.

Specially designed for customers travelling to more than one European country, roaming charges are significantly reduced and incoming calls are free in most destinations. It’s also extremely convenient, requiring a single SIM card which then provides reliable connectivity right across the EU.

Cellhire Euro Business is now available as a short term rental solution. Available roaming packages include Europe SIM card and Europe mobile phone rentals.

“This is more than just a new offering; it’s something that only Cellhire can provide and it’s something that we know our customers want, because they have been asking us for this type of solution” commented Matt Bennett, UK MD of Cellhire.

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Mobile Broadband Rental

The question of whether to rent or buy no longer applies exclusively to the property industry.

With the advent of the credit crunch, people are drawing in their horns, cutting back on unnecessary expenditure and looking to save money wherever possible. Increasing numbers are opting to rent rather than buy across a whole range of products from cars to laptops. Whilst these are tangible examples using ‘physical’ products, hiring services as and when they are needed can also prove extremely useful and can save customers a lot of money.

Mobile broadband is a prime example. Improvements in technology and the advent of the USB stick mean that technical nouse is no longer a pre-requisite and wireless broadband is now a genuinely ‘plug and play’ answer to mobile working.

Prices are declining steadily but whilst the devices themselves are generally supplied free of charge, major providers will still be looking for in excess of £20 a month for a managed solution that includes a decent amount of data usage. And they will or course also require a contractual commitment.

Whilst this might not seem onerous at first glance, when these charges are incurred every month across a 24 month contract and then rolled out across a number of employees, this type of arrangement can add significantly to operation expenditure.

In times of economic uncertainty, companies are becoming increasingly reluctant to enter into long term, contractually binding agreements. And flexible working may not necessarily equate to a life spent permanently on the open road. It may mean working from home one day a fortnight or it may mean having to have broadband access at a specific trade show, or for a business trip abroad once a quarter. Does this type of flexibility warrant a commitment of £480?

Firms such as Cellhire specialise in short term communication rental; providing business users with mobile broadband for anything from a week up to several months. International options also exist for foreign travellers, helping to reduce the price of roamed data – wireless web and email access – outside of the UK.

Customers only hire as and when they need to and in so doing, can save significant amounts of money. And short term rental is a truly flexible answer to changing business needs. For example, firms taking on temporary staff may need mobile broadband, but only for a week or perhaps a month. Customers can even rent the latest devices out on a ‘try-before-you buy’ basis if they are considering a contractual commitment.

So mobile broadband rental really does represent an efficient and cost effective alternative to the more traditional contractual approach, especially in the challenging economic times which we are all currently experiencing.

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118 800 and Cellhire customers

We have had a number of calls and emails from clients concerned about this new directory of mobile numbers.

The only way that 118 800 can obtain any of our customers’ mobile numbers would be with their express permission. This could be via market research calls, online marketing etc where the client would agree to their contact details being used for future marketing purposes.

Given the degree of media profile around this launch, we understand concerns relating to intrusive calling, privacy of data and even the possibility of incurring unwanted costs, so we would like to provide clarity as follows:

You may rest assured that Cellhire has not and will not under any circumstances disclose any of our customers’ contact details to this organisation or indeed, to any other third party.

Should a member of our clients’ staff or one of their customers inadvertently release their mobile numbers, unsubscribing is possible via this link. There is a cost of £1.00 to remove each number from the database and this must be undertaken on a number by number basis.

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Strong orders for Twenty20 World Cup

The international battle currently being waged on the cricket grounds of England has helped drive our connections for June.

Overall orders to date exceed 300 connections, with players, umpires, security staff and officials taking handsetsUK SIMs and a healthy number of mobile broadband solutions.

The tournament has already generated a surprise or two, but one thing our customers can be sure of is great connectivity, reduced call charges and flexible rental terms.

“Twenty20 has really taken off. It’s another great sporting event being held in England and as such we’re delighted to provide UK airtime to a wide range of clients associated with the finals.” Commented Chris Power, Senior Business Development Executive at Cellhire.

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A Man to Mauritius

Cellhire has supplied the technology to help Simon Prior undertake a once in a life time adventure.

Simon has chosen to compete in one of the world’s toughest rowing marathons, from Australia to Mauritius, in the first ever Indian Ocean Rowing Race. And we’ve provided Simon with a satellite handset to help him keep in contact with dry land as well as update his daily blog.

Given that more people have walked on the surface of the moon than have rowed the Indian Ocean, this is certainly a challenge of the extreme variety. There is however a very good cause – The Willow Foundation – set to benefit from Simon’s endeavors and you can make a pledge to his cause as well as monitor his grueling progress on his website.

Best of luck from everyone at Cellhire!