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The Fall of EU Roaming Costs

The EU has been working hard to reduce the cost of roaming throughout Europe, it is now the cheapest it’s ever been, however it is still not cheap enough.

In 2013 the European Commission proposed to abolish roaming charges by December 2015. In January 2015 a proposal was made to delay this until mid-2018.

The EC’s Anndrus Ansip, the European Commission’s vice-president for the digital single market, recently attacked governments across Europe for being unsupportive in abolishing roaming fees, calling the current compromise “a joke” at a European Voice Event held in Brussels.


As of May 2015, the latest leaked proposal would give users up to 100MB of data, 100 minutes of calls, and 50 texts at domestic rates while roaming, per year. Any roaming charges thereafter would not be allowed to exceed the EU limits for inter-operator wholesale prices, which for data is €0.05 per MB. Under this proposal 1GB of data would cost around €50.

Businesses are using more and more data to keep connected overseas, so even with the current EU rates don’t assume bill shock is a thing of the past just yet.

Luckily, Cellhire’s unique partnerships and global position allow us to offer big data bundles from less than 1p per MB, even in the EU.

Check out our full range of data roaming offers at

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Cellhire launches all new in the US

This July saw the launch of the all new US website, offering a new range of mobile products for customers travelling abroad from the US. The new product range focusses on offering a smaller but more flexible selection of voice and data solutions. now includes purchase products for voice allowing customers to choose from a phone and SIM or SIM-only solution which covers either international or European destinations. In a departure from the traditional Cellhire rental approach, customers now pay a single fee and keep their devices, SIM cards and numbers. There are no recurring charges and customers only receive a bill for calls when they are made.

The major new addition to the portfolio is a prepaid data offer allowing customers to choose data bundle sizes ranging from 200MB to 1GB from as little as $29, with the additional option of adding a MiFi mobile hotspot device for only $59. Customers can buy data bundles to use in multiple zones around the world including 33 countries in Europe and two further zones, one adding key global destinations to the Europe package and the final zone covering most of the world’s key destinations.

New and existing Cellhire US customers looking for rentals products can still find these products at where all of Cellhire’s classic rental products covering 100 specific countries around the world are still on offer. The Rentals site has also had a full revamp to reflect the new Cellhire style.

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Cellhire makes HSBC Global Connections finalists

Cellhire, the international mobile solutions specialist, has been shortlisted along with 44 other regional finalists in the UK as part of the HSBC Global Connections competition.

Over the past three years, the HSBC Global Connections Competition has sent 138 dynamic businesses to International Exchanges in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets and awarded access to over £3bn in funding. This year the field was widened to take in companies with a turnover of up to £100m.

The 45 Regional Finalists in the competition represent businesses across the UK which show the innovation, distinctiveness and strategic thinking that makes them future global players. The 45 finalists will progress to the regional finals in June and face a panel of judges who will whittle the list down to select National Finalists before the overall winners for 2014 are decided.

Tim Williams, Cellhire’s Chairman and CEO said: “We are absolutely delighted to be shortlisted out of so many businesses across the UK. HSBC’s recognition of our progress expanding globally is greatly appreciated and I am very much looking forward to June.”

The next 12 months will see Cellhire supply competing teams, key sponsors and the worlds’ media with telecoms as they attend the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Recent successes for the business have included delivering over 15,000 connections at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Cellhire plans to continue expanding its existing business portfolio internationally, particularly in BRIC economies.

For more information on the HSBC Global Connections competition, visit the HSBC website at:

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Cellhire to supply Cannes Marché du Film 2014

May 2014 will see the 67th Festival de Cannes and Cellhire will again be the official supplier of the Marché du Film for the 14th consecutive year. Throughout the festival critics, producers, distributors, film crews and stars will be able to keep in touch and stay online thanks to Cellhire’s portfolio of voice and data solutions specifically designed for festival attendees. Smartphones, mobile WiFi routers and SIM only products are among those on offer at the event.

Through a unique agreement with Orange France, Cellhire is able to offer 4G service and excellent coverage in Cannes and across France. The company will also be supporting its customers at the event itself with a team of Cellhire specialists on site at the Palais des Festivals venue. Offering on-site support allows Cellhire to maintain its signature high levels of customer service and gives attendees the option to collect and return their equipment at the main Festival venue.

Cellhire’s Aymeric Bouffard, Managing Director of Americas and Mainland Europe said “We are delighted to be supporting the Festival de Cannes for another year. Our partnerships with Marché du Film and Orange France have enabled us to offer some of our fastest products yet to more customers than ever before.”

Cellhire is offering 4G data speeds of up to 150Mb/s for the first time at Cannes. The choice of 3G and 4G data speeds are on offer for all attendees, both are available with mobile WiFi hotspot devices to share the connection between multiple devices on the go.

Cellhire is also behind the Cinando iPhone app, giving Marché du Film participants access to the film industry at their fingertips.

Jérôme Paillard, Executive Director of Marché du Film commented “Cellhire has developed a wonderful mobile app that is quick, clear and makes great use of the iPhone user interface, helping us bring the power of the Cinando database to our members at film festivals and markets throughout the year”.

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Cellhire launches fixed line channel

Cellhire, the international communications specialist, is now able to offer a range of new solutions to business customers, including Office broadband, line rental and next generation voice services. Cellhire’s Fixed Line portfolio is made up of market leading products from some of the UK’s biggest providers, allowing the company to offer truly independent solutions to best fit customer’s requirements. The business is able to provide calls and line packages and connectivity that are tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of businesses. From single analogue business lines to complex multi-site solutions, the range of products and services are highly scalable, meaning they can evolve with a business as it grows.

Working with partners including Vodafone, BT and Gamma, Cellhire has created a portfolio of converged solutions ideal for business customers. Cellhire’s existing mobile relationship with Vodafone has enabled the company to adapt quickly and ready the business to deliver solutions across the UK.

Initial products on offer will include standard lines, DSL, ISDN and SIP trunking as well as dedicated internet access channels. As part of a fully converged solution, Cellhire also offers its business mobile service, Cellhire Connect, delivering many cost saving benefits such as free inter-business calls.

Matt Bennett, Cellhire’s UK Managing Director said, “Cellhire’s distinguished history in the telecoms sector provides us with an ideal platform to launch these new services. We already have excellent relationships with our partners having worked with them for so many years and we’re looking forward to delivering first class solutions and service to our customers and growing our portfolio in 2014.”

The company had a record year in 2012 delivering mobile communications to key Olympic sponsors, Olympic Organisations and the world’s media as they travelled to London for the Games. This was followed by similar success at the recent Winter Olympics in Russia. This has given the business the opportunity and momentum to expand in to new markets.

“The time is right for us to move in to converged telecoms and our success at the London Olympics has given us the investment power crucial to succeeding in the market place. We expect Fixed Line to be very lucrative for the UK business and we want to do it right, with the right people and the appropriate investment to make it successful.” said Mr Bennett.

More information on Cellhire’s new converged solutions is available on its UK website at

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Cellhire FD makes the cut

Tim Taylor, Cellhire’s Finance and Operations Director, has been named as one of the top 20 in the country at a BDO event held at the Haymarket Hotel in London on the 4th December.

The event, hosted by the accountancy network BDO, was celebrating it’s Hot 20 FD’s in the technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sector and saw 70 financial officers from across the UK nominated for the top 20 accolade. Tim was described as a ‘hands on FD who thrives on challenges’.

More information can be found on the BDO website:

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Only MegaFon (and Cellhire) have mobile data in Sochi

Cellhire’s partnership with MegaFon means that only domestic MegaFon customers and international customers of Cellhire will have access to mobile data and 4G in Sochi.

Subscribers to other mobile operators connecting to the MegaFon network will only be able to use voice services and SMS-messages while data services, including 4G, will be available only to MegaFon customers.

Mobile Data services in Sochi will not be available to subscribers of other mobile operators who manually choose the MegaFon network on their mobile devices during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, said Tigran Poghosyan, the head of the Sochi 2014 project.

According to Mr. Poghosyan, voice services and SMS-messages will be available to the subscribers of other mobile operators who will connect to the MegaFon network, while data transmission services, including 4G, will be available only to MegaFon subscribers. previously reported that MegaFon and Rostelecom signed a sponsorship contract with the Olympic Games in Sochi back in 2009, for a cost of 130 million dollars each. The operators have also invested another $100 million in the infrastructure of the region.

As of December 2012, MegaFon has opened up its infrastructure in Sochi to other operators that require coverage at the Winter Games. In order to connect to the MegaFon network, users will need to manually select the MegaFon network on their mobile device, or purchase MegaFon SIM-card.

The head of the Sochi 2014 project pointed out that other network operators present in Sochi signed an inter-operator agreement, which insures that while using the MegaFon network, subscribers of another operator will be charged prices consistent with their tariff plan.

Currently the Sochi Branch of MegaFon comprises 685 standard 2G/3G base stations, about 270 4G base stations and 15 movable mobile stations. The number of MegaFon subscribers in the region amounts to more than 300,000 people.

For more information on Cellhire’s Sochi offers, click here.