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Australian prepaid SIM card for Ashes tour

Cellhire, the international mobile communications specialist has launched an Australian prepaid SIM card for the upcoming Ashes cricket tour in Australia through their prepaid arm SIMsmart prepaid. The Australian SIM card offers the lowest Australia wide call rates, with calls back to the UK costing just £0.27 per min and texts costing only £0.11 per message. The Australian prepaid SIM card is both cost effective and essential to even the most devoted cricket fan, best of all incoming calls are completely FREE…now that’s cricket.

SIMsmart prepaid is unique compared to all other travel phone providers due to its unique low call rates, carrier-grade call quality and superior delivery of direct connections. Free lifetime email support is provided to all active SIM cards for their lifespan entirety.

Fast, mobile internet access in Australia just got easier. Cellhire has recently launched the Australia MiFi mobile hotspot capable of sharing one data connection with multiple devices; it comes with a huge 5GB data bundle and 24 hour global support. Ultra-efficient, the Australian MiFi offers the latest in mobile internet technology.

Cellhire has been a superior global telecommunications provider for over 25 years conceiving SIMsmart prepaid as a result of its global presence and unique international relationships with over 100 networks worldwide.

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Looking for .info about Cellhire?

Cellhire has launched a new website focussed on the history of the business, what it does, where it has been and where it’s going in the future in terms of global events.
The new site allows potential customers and partners to discover more about Cellhire’s success globally and to identify synergies with both past, present and future activities of the business. Visitors to the site are able to learn about the history of the company through an interactive timeline and the various global events that Cellhire has been part of through an interactive multimedia timeline.

The new site addresses regions of the world that Cellhire is presently developing in to including South America. Businesses looking to develop mobile telecoms relationships for major upcoming events such as the FIFA 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio, will be able to connect with the world leader in international mobile telecoms solutions through this one central location.

The new site will profile Cellhire’s success as the business attends the world’s largest events over the coming years including the Sochi Winter Olympics in February 2014.

For more information about Cellhire, please visit

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Cellhire on track at Moscow Athletics Championships

The IAAF World Athletics Championships in Moscow has provided the opportunity for Cellhire, the international mobile solutions specialist, to further develop its relationship with MegaFon in preparation for the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 and beyond.

Cellhire is delivering over 1,000 connections at the event as both business and media descend on Moscow for the Championships. Cellhire is offering voice and data connections, supporting live reporting from the event to news desks around the world. The World Athletics Championships is moving to Beijing in 2015 and London in 2017, allowing Cellhire to repeat the success it enjoyed in 2008 and 2012 at the Beijing and London Olympics respectively.

In September 2012 Cellhire opened a new office in Moscow to capitalise on the expanding Russian market and to be ready for the major events that Russia is due to host in the near future such as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Martyn Stevens, Director of International Business Development at Cellhire says “Our progress in Russia has developed at a great pace, strategically manoeuvring ourselves to make the most of the up and coming Winter Olympics and World Cup. Our tried and tested partnership with MegaFon has proved to be strong and we are really excited to be working with them moving forward”.

Commenting on the Cellhire and MegaFon partnership in 2013, Bogdanova Nadejda, Senior Development Manager of Small and Medium Business at Stolichny branch MegaFon said: “The unique offers we have with Cellhire have put us in an excellent position to maximise the inbound opportunities coming to our region.”

The Sochi Winter Olympics start in Sochi on the 7th February 2014 and Cellhire has already secured some major customers for the event with some customers requesting delivery as early as August 2013. Cellhire is also offering the latest in 4G technology at Sochi through its unique partnership with MegaFon, delivering mobile data up to ten times faster than 3G.

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Cellhire tackles roaming penalties at the Confederations Cup

Cellhire, the international mobile solutions specialist, is supporting businesses and media organisations travelling to Brazil for the 2013 Confederations Cup with local, cost-saving communications solutions. Working with several Brazilian mobile networks, Cellhire is strengthening its presence in the region while planning ahead for the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Rio Olympics in 2016. The upcoming Confederations Cup kicking off in Brasilia on 15th June 2013 has provided an ideal opportunity for local partnerships to be established and perfected for future events.

The FIFA Confederations Cup is an international football tournament held every four years. It is contested by the holders of each of the six FIFA Confederation Championships, along with the FIFA World Cup holder and the host nation. The competing teams in 2013 are Brazil, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Spain, Tahiti and Uruguay.

Cellhire is offering both Prepaid and Postpaid solutions to those travelling to the region, with local and international voice, data and smartphone solutions available on flexible, short term contracts. Cellhire is supplying over 1,000 connections to a number of media organisations covering the event from the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan as well as Brazilian hospitality companies supporting some of the key corporate sponsors of the Confederations Cup.

The available solutions offer competitive rates and unique pricing on closed group call rates, saving money on calls between Cellhire customers and benefiting large organisations making high volumes of calls between colleagues. Cellhire’s Brazil bound customer base will be supported locally in Brazil during major events with local delivery, 24hr support and equipment through fulfilment agreements with local companies.

Tim Williams, Chairman and CEO of Cellhire says, “This has been a critical time for us to be developing relationships in Brazil with such high profile events on the horizon. The solutions we have available in the region are now comprehensive and I am delighted with our progress in readying our propositions for 2014 and beyond.”

Cellhire’s partnerships enable the Company to offer big savings over traditional roaming services to spectators, competing teams and media groups as they travel to Brazil for high profile events in the region, such as the imminent Confederations Cup, FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Cellhire achieved a record breaking year in 2012 supplying over 20,000 connections at the London Olympics. The Company intends to continue this momentum at the 2013 World Athletics Championships in Moscow and the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 following the opening of a new office in Moscow in September 2012. The Moscow office will support the Cellhire customer base as the FIFA World Cup travels from Brazil to Russia in 2018.

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The Cellhire Young Enterprise Awards goes to…

Cellhire has once again sponsored the Young Enterprise initiative as they celebrate their 50th Year running the organisation. Cellhire supported the award of Excellence in Leadership which was won by Polly Chapman from Skipton Girls High School, the Managing Director of Boom Boom Bags.

The Skipton girl founded Boom Boom Bags at the beginning of the academic year in order to take part in the nationwide Young Enterprise competition. The Boom Boom Bags team has been involved in a number of money making activities so far including, designing two limited edition bags and organising sweet swaps between the boys’ and girls’ grammar schools for Valentine’s Day.

In 2012, Young Enterprise worked with 220,000 young people aged 4 to 25 in 5,000 schools, colleges and universities with help from volunteers from 3,500 businesses.

Young Enterprise’s pioneering Start-up scheme to help university students launch their own business has boomed as the economic downturn has triggered a surge towards graduate self-employment. Now in their 50th year, Young Enterprise launched the Tenner programme in spring 2013, a competition that challenges young teenagers to take a ten pound loan and do something enterprising to make a difference and give something back.


The award was presented to Polly Chapman by last year’s winner of the award, Bronny Embleton of King James’ School Knaresborough.

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Cellhire partners with major Russian network

Cellhire, the international mobile solutions specialist, has added another major network to its global coverage. A partnership with Russian network MegaFon adds to Cellhire’s global presence and continued growth and expansion in to the region following the opening of its Russian office in 2012.

Cellhire Russia offers both corporate and consumer telecoms solutions to the region, including local support, with a product portfolio of local and international voice, data and smartphone solutions. Prepaid products are available for those travelling to and from Russia with competitive services offered for both Europe and the rest of the world.

Bogdanova Nadejda, Senior Development Manager of Small and Medium Business at Stolichny branch MegaFon says: “MegaFon is delighted to be partnering with Cellhire and working with them in the run up to a number of major sporting events taking place in Russia in 2013/14 and beyond. The unique offers we have with Cellhire have put us in an excellent position to maximise the inbound opportunities coming to our region in the near future.”

The partnership enables Cellhire to offer local communications to sports teams and media groups as they prepare for high profile events in the region, including the World Athletics Championships and the G20 Summit in 2013 and the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

Martyn Stevens, International Business Development Director at Cellhire says, “Our expansion into Russia comes at a crucial time for the region when many major world events are using Russia as their venue. Our unique partnership with MegaFon has allowed us to deliver the very best offers to our existing customers and to those that are making plans now for upcoming events”.

The unique agreement with MegaFon has enabled Cellhire to offer very competitive rates in the region whilst maintaining its high standards of customer service. Cellhire’s global customer base is now supported by its Moscow office, delivering unrivalled levels of international telecoms service for upcoming global events in the region and to multinationals based in Russia.

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Cellhire secures partnership with French Special Olympics as they travel to South Korea

Cellhire has partnered with the French Special Olympics for their visit to Pyeong Chang, South Korea while they take part in the World Winter Games. Athletes will compete in snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, alpine skiing and speed skating.

Over 100 delegations from countries around the world have attended the World Winter Games and participated in the ceremonial parade of athletes in front of a capacity crowd, as they prepared for the Korean “Dream Chorus”, the culturally themed opening ceremony. Many national celebrities including Yuna Kim, Yao Ming, Dikembe Mutombo and others joined in the celebration. Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Korean President-elect Park Geun-hye, who will become Korea’s first female president, were in attendance to welcome the more than 2,300 athletes from around the world to the Republic of Korea.

Twenty two athletes, seven coaches and four technical officers from the French team flew out to Pyeong Chang, South Korea, to participate in the Games. Cellhire has supplied a local mobile solution for the team while they are in South Korea providing local, low cost call solutions for the event.

Fanny Lozé, Directrice Générale, Cellhire France says, “It is a privilege to work with such high profile organisations like the French Special Olympics. We have really focused on refining our athletics offering, continuing on from our great success at the London Olympics last year. We worked with the French Olympic Association during London 2012 and it’s testament to our service that we are seeing further business from those same organisations. Cellhire continues to work with sports and athletics teams and media from around the world and plans to build on its Olympic success having already agreed a deal with MegaFon in Russia for the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.”

Cellhire specialises in providing mobile communications equipment, call plans and data connections to organisations that are travelling the world for various events. It has delivered comprehensive service and support to athletics teams from around the world providing them with local solutions for sports events from one of Cellhire’s network partners around the world.

Cellhire has over 100 network partners around the world. Its telecoms offerings are truly global allowing Cellhire to meet the requirements of businesses, organisations and individuals travelling the world.

The World Winter Games runs from the 26th January until the 6th February in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.