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Cellhire supports polar trek

On the 1st April 2011, 8 men started an incredible journey, a journey of a lifetime. Their aim is to trek across 200 nautical miles to successfully reach the North Pole with 4 wounded soldiers, two of which are amputees. If they achieve this goal, they will be the first amputees to reach the North Pole, unsupported. This will require unbelievable strength, stamina and skill throughout their 1 month long expedition.

They are doing this to support the future of the many young men and women have suffered life-changing injuries during the course of duty in the Armed Forces. When the wounded return home, they face a very different future, possibly one outside of the Forces.

The 4 military service men undertaking this inspirational journey now seek to rebuild their lives, to inspire and to help others follow their lead as they set out to prove that injuries and amputations need not be a barrier to achievement. The charity, Walking with the Wounded, aims to raise £2m for identified education projects and training courses. Funds raised will help rehabilitate injured service personnel back into employment. His Royal Highness, Prince Harry, a patron of the charity, is joining the team for 5 days during the course of the expedition.

When they first started pulling the team together, over 100 applicants had their hopes on 1 of the final 4 places. Each man will pull a sled weighing more than 100kg in temperatures varying between minus 15C to minus 50C. Accompanied by expert guides, they will face low temperatures, fields of floating ice rubble and the threat of aggressive polar bears.

Henry Cookson, in charge of Logistics and Training, knew that communications were critical. Alternative Networks plc, the charity’s chosen communications provider, contacted Cellhire plc, a Global Mobile Service provider with expertise in providing satellite communications to the MOD.

Cellhire provided advice on the options available and suggested Iridium satellite phones, Data Suites and cabling as the most economical solution. In addition the selected communications kit was practical, not adding a large amount of weight to their already heavy sleds. The kit was put to the test during the pre deployment trials in Norway earlier in the year.

Matt Bennett, MD of Cellhire Plc commented, “We are grateful to be given the opportunity to support Alternative Networks and Walking With the Wounded. This trek is an inspiring, challenging expedition. We wish the team a safe journey across the ice and snow. And we look forward to sharing their experience as they communicate via their blog.”

The 7 Iridium 9555 satellite phones will be on hand for vital communications while the Data suits will be used for uploading daily logs and blog feeds to the Walking With the Wounded website where anyone can follow the teams amazing trek.

For more information contact Cellhire or visit:
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Vodafone NZ creates bespoke Rugby 2011 Mobile Voice and Data offer with Cellhire plc

As New Zealand prepares to host the World Cup in September and October, many rugby supporters will be planning their itinerary in order to get the most out of the matches, venues and festivals. New Zealand is a wonderful land to explore and many World Cup goers will want to share their experience with those at home.

To keep communication costs down, Cellhire has worked with Vodafone NZ to create a bespoke short-term event rental package for the World Cup 2011. The two organisations have had a long-standing business relationship since 2005, resulting in some great voice and airtime rates and cost savings for anyone travelling to New Zealand for the World Cup. Together they will offer short-term rental solutions for both voice and data.

The device portfolio of communication solutions will include premium and economy handsets for mobile phone rental, BlackBerry rentalUSB modem rental, MiFi rental plus SIM only options for both voice and data including a new Smartphone 1GB data bundle – all on local Vodafone New Zealand airtime. Additional savings will be made with FREE calls to Cellhire SIM cards plus NO call connection fee.**

Using a New Zealand local SIM card will mean that users will not be roaming and incurring high roaming charges. Here is an illustration of possible savings for a small business:


A person who talks for:

  • 100 minutes receiving calls will save £43
  • 100 minutes calling within NZ will save £31
  • 100 minutes calling to another Cellhire Vodafone NZ SIM will save £43
  • 100 minutes calling back to the UK, will save £15
  • 100 text messages will save £10

Total Voice savings on one device £142


A person with a USB modem who uses:

  • 2GB of data will save £12218
  • 4 GB of data will save £4016

A person with a smart phone who uses:

  • 200 MB of data will save £1150
  • 400 MB of data will save £2350

Not everyone is a heavy data user, but a savings of £6 per MB can add up. If a heavy data user chooses the 1GB smart phone data bundle, for making FaceTime calls, downloading content and checking emails they will save £6094 if the full allowance is used. In addition, the Cellhire DataManager app can be used with the Cellhire USB modem to track data usage and warn if usage is about to hit a specified limit. Any heavy data user who has experienced data shock will quickly understand the value of this free service.

With the rise in use of smart phones and new technology such as FaceTime calling, sharing experiences at events is wonderful and exciting. Keeping costs of voice and data usage down will help more people attending the World Cup in New Zealand enjoy this technology, share their experiences and avoid bill shock on their return home.

*This illustration is based on comparison to the O2 ITS tariff, a current tariff on the date this article was written 30 March 2011.

**This fee is based on listed fees published by a competitor offering phone rental for the World Cup.

For more information visit Cellhire’s mobile and data products for the NZ 2011.

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Earthquake and Tsunami hits Japan

The devastation caused by the magnitude 9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on Friday 11th March, have created a massive obstacle for the Japanese people to confront.

This catastrophic natural disaster has been described by Japan’s Prime Minister, Naoto Kan “as the single greatest challenge that the country has faced since World War II”. However there can be no doubt that the resilience, courage and determination of the Japanese people will be a significant factor in overcoming this tragedy.

There was no better example of this than that demonstrated by Cellhire Japan’s Business Development Director, Joji Kanemoto who is based in Tokyo. “Initially we thought that the tremors weren’t out of the ordinary but it became clear as they continued that this was very unusual.” Joji commented.

As there was no delivery service available because of the emergency and public transport had shut down, Joji decided to deliver some urgent orders personally and on foot. Some 6.5 hours later he made it back to his home, to find that his family and home had escaped the worst effects of the earthquake.

Tim Williams, Cellhire plc’s Chairman and Chief Executive commented “Joji’s attitude on Friday is a shining example of how the Japanese people will deal with this shocking event. With a calm and single minded resolve he wanted to demonstrate that Japan and Cellhire remained open for business regardless of circumstances.”

Cellhire has had an office in Tokyo for over 6 years and in response to demand from the Japanese government, aid agencies and international rescue teams, Cellhire is shipping a large quantity of Iridium satellite phones to Japan to help with the recovery process.

Also as part of its contribution to the rebuilding effort in Japan, Cellhire is offering free rental to individual consumers and charities on all Japanese mobile phone rentals and Japanese SIM card rentals*. In addition Cellhire will make an equivalent contribution to the Japanese Red Cross until 30th April 2011.

*Offer ends on 30 April 2011, when normal rental rates will apply. Call rates are as shown on our websites subject to normal terms and conditions.

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New data usage monitor from Cellhire helps prevent billshock

Cellhire, a global mobile solutions specialist, has launched DataManager, a data usage monitor that keeps users aware and in control of how much data they are using via an Internet modem stick (USB modem). This second release of the application now provides a version for Mac users.

“We’ve seen a great increase in data usage over the past 2 years. With high data roaming rates coupled with the growth of hungry data devices, we wanted to make sure that we could offer data solutions that would keep our customer connected, at lower rates and give them the tools to monitor and control their data usage. As a result, billshock is not something we have to deal with at Cellhire. “ commented Tim Williams, CEO Cellhire.

The application provides users reassurance of how much data they are using, either per session or as an overall total per day, week or month. Users can take control by setting usage quotas. They can watch their data usage total move towards the quota limit and set alerts to notify them when they are within a percentage of this quota. This can help to control costs by warning when usage hits bundled levels, prompting users to buy more data and avoid excessive overage charges. Reporting usage can be viewed in a graphical format, with charts for daily, weekly and monthly usage.

For mobile data users, especially when using data while roaming outside of the UK, it is easy to eat up data and return home to find a shocking data usage charge on your mobile bill. DataManager prevents this.

DataManager is offered free of charge, exclusively to Cellhire USB modem customers. It is offered alongside the USB modem rental and the portfolio of 40 SIMSmart data solutions. The DataManager application was first released for PC users at the South African World Cup.

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Cellhire wins GROS telecomms tender for supply during Scottish Census

Cellhire, a world leader in mobile solutions, is proud to have won the tender to supply the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) with a range of telecommunications services for the Scottish Census due to take place on 27th March 2011.

Sue Barber, Head of Procurement at GROS commented, “the evaluations panel concluded that the tender most closely met the requirements whilst at the same time offered best value for money. Cellhire’s response included a very detailed breakdown of coverage for all regions in Scotland, with a recommendation as to which mobile network and hardware solution should be utilised for each area.”

The General Register Office for Scotland is part of the devolved Scottish Administration, responsible for the registration of births, marriages, civil partnerships, deaths, divorces and adoptions. The Scottish Census is the main source of family history records and is carried out to collate and publish information about population and households. Cellhire will provide a range of cost effective communication solutions to assist GROS to complete this task throughout the 2011 Census.

GROS approached Cellhire with a requirement for the provision of mobile phones, fixed broadband and hosted email to facilitate the delivery of the Census in 2011 for Scotland. As a telecommunications service provider Cellhire has strategic relationships in place with BT, O2 and Vodafone in the UK which makes it uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions to suit the individual needs of every organisation.

Cellhire had the resources to be able to supply GROS with over 7,300 mobiles on the O2 network together with mobile and fixed broadband in 22 regional offices in Scotland for the duration of the Census. Additionally the Company is also providing a hosted email platform for many of those involved in this important project.

Matt Bennett, Managing Director of Cellhire’s business in the UK commented, “we are delighted to have been selected by GROS to be their preferred telecoms provider for this major event. The tendering process was extremely vigorous but we are pleased to hear that we met all of their exacting requirements.”

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Paris International Boat Show

The Paris boat show takes place on the 4th – 12th December 2010 in Porte de Versailles, Paris. Should you be visiting the event this year, be it as a supporter, exhibitor, media representative or spectator, why not rent a local French mobile phone to avoid high roaming charges.

Cellhire has a strategic partnership in place with Orange France and can offer customers a French SIM card – for as little as one day – to ensure that whilst you’re in France your outgoing calls are reduced by up to 70% and incoming calls are completely free.

You can hire a smartphone with a French data SIM should you need access to email and the internet on the move or choose from a range of data products including MiFi, BlackBerry or USB Modems.

To view the range of solutions on offer for visitors to France visit, Destination France.

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Savings in Spain will bring music to your ears with MTV Music Awards

This year’s MTV EMAs will take place on the 7th November at the Caja Magica in Madrid, Spain.

If you are attending the event in Spain ensure you don’t caught out with expensive roaming charges and rent a Spanish SIM card from Cellhire. Cellhire, a mobile rental specialist, provides low cost voice and data solutions aimed at reducing the cost of roaming. Our Spanish SIM cards are available on a rental basis – for as little as one day – and can reduce the cost of your phone bills by up to 70%.

You can also hire a handset for your Spanish SIM card should you wish, or use your existing phone providing it is unlocked. Cellhire can provide smartphones should you need access to email and the internet whilst in Spain or USB modems for instant access to the net.

Visit Destination Spain for further information on our cost effective solutions for Spain or contact Cellhire for further information.