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Picture big savings at the Venice International Film Festival

Cellhire is a specialist in providing short-term mobile voice and data solutions for film and media events. It has provided rental solutions for numerous film events in the past including the American Film Market, Sundance Film Festival, European Film Market and the Oscars as well as being the official supplier to the Cannes Film Festival for 13 consecutive years.

This year the 67th Venice International Film Festival will be held 29th August to 21st October 2010.

Cellhire is offering a vast range of voice and data solutions to ensure you stay connected for less in Venice. Whether you are attending as a journalist, photographer, exhibitor or avid film fan, Cellhire has a solution that will guarantee to save you money compared to roaming.

Hiring an Italian SIM card can typically save you up to 70% compared to using your existing SIM card in Italy. Cellhire also has a host of additional cost effective solutions designed specifically to reduce the cost of International voice and data roaming. BlackBerry, MiFi and USB Modems utilising TIM airtime (the biggest airtime network in Italy) can all be rented from Cellhire on a short term basis.

Visit destination Italy for further details and to order your solution online.

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Voice and data rental for the World Judo Championships

The World Judo Championships 2010 is held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo on the 9th – 13th September.

Your standard UK mobile handset will not necessarily be compatible when travelling to Japan and if it is then roaming charges can be extortionately high. Japan is in one of the most expensive roaming zones in the world.

You can rent a Japanese mobile solution from Cellhire for the duration of the Judo Championships to ensure you stay in touch for less when visiting the Far East. It will save you money on incoming and outgoing calls and you will benefit from the best network coverage available in Japan. You can even stay connected to email and the internet, cost effectively by renting an International BlackBerrysolution.

Visit Japan SIM card rental for more information.

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Cost effective communication for IBC Amsterdam

The IBC is an annual event held at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam, 9th – 14th September. The event is hosted for ‘professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide’. The event attracts 45,000 attendees from over 140 different countries.

For anyone attending the IBC event, Cellhire offers the best value for money on voice and data rental, ensuring you stay connected for less whilst in Amsterdam.

Renting a voice solution using the Vodafone network in Amsterdam can typically save you up to 70% compared to roaming (using your existing SIM card). Cellhire offers free incoming calls in Holland and has a range of state of the art mobile phones and smartphones available for hire.

Our USB Modems and MiFi devices are also available for short term hire to offer you cost effective access to email, social networking sites and web surfing; simply rent for the duration of the IBC and return the equipment to us when you’ve finished with it.

Should you be extending your trip and travelling throughout Europe, rent a European BlackBerrysolution from Cellhire. BlackBerry gives you all the benefits of a mobile phone, with flexible access to email and the Internet. ‘Push’ email means no dial up or waiting is required and you can view attachments and make voice calls from one handheld device. Cellhire’s European BlackBerry rental is a cost effective, all in one data solution for use throughout Europe.

To rent a local Netherlands SIM card or European BlackBerry solution visit cellhire

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Champion call charges from Cellhire

The 18th Badminton World Championships 2010 takes place from 23rd – 29th August. This year the event will be hosted in Paris, France.

If you are travelling to Paris to attend the event, be it as an official, a spectator or a competitor fighting for the title of World Champion rent a French SIM card from Cellhire to avoid high roaming charges whilst in France.

Hiring a SIM card and mobile phone from Cellhire on the Orange France network will typically save you up to 70% compared to using your existing SIM card and roaming. If you wish to use your existing phone, simply rent a French SIM card from Cellhire for the duration of your trip.

Visit destination france for further information.

Not only can Cellhire offer French SIM cards to reduce the cost of your mobile bill, but we also boast an impressive portfolio of cost saving solutions including smartphones, USB Modems and MiFi devices, all of which can be utilised with a French SIM card to reduce your data bill whilst in France.

Cellhire has an office based in France so is perfectly placed to offer you 24/7 customer and technical support should you need it.

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Introducing Cellhire DataManager®

Cellhire has launched yet another value added service aptly named DataManager. DataManager is designed to give customers the flexibility to monitor their own data usage when using a USB Modem or MiFi device from Cellhire.

Using a data product like a USB modem or MiFi device abroad has the potential to become expensive if careful usage checks are not put in place. DataManager is a piece of software that just does that. It installs onto a laptop and keeps track of the total amount of data used by the USB modem or MiFi device. It can be configured to alert you as you approach a pre-determined data limit using a simple quota system. Simply set the quota e.g 5GB and choose to be warned when you get within, say, 10% of this value. DataManager continues to remind you as you approach the limit and you decide whether to reschedule the reminder, dismiss it or perhaps re-set the quota.

DataManager sits quietly in your system tray and only pops up to alert you or when you require more information on your data use. It’s simple to use, easy to install and allows you to monitor your data usage to avoid overage fees.

Peter Whelerton, Head of IS comments “It’s important that our customers understand all the ways a PC might use data, from background updates to watching movies, we want to equip our customers with the knowledge to manage their data.”

DataManager only measures data accessed through the USB modem or MiFi device so if you use a wireless network in a hotel, a Wi-Fi hotspot or plug it in to your network at home/work, that data won’t be counted in the figures. This makes it easy to keep an accurate track on the amount of billable data.

“Cellhire is committed to continuously improving its internal processes and is proud of its ISO (Quality) accreditation. Our employees are highly qualified and committed to providing the best possible customer experience. At Cellhire, we strive to give our customers the tools they need to save them money so they come back to us time and time again” Angela Richards, Cellhire Quality Manager.

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Cost Effective communications for International Events

Cellhire specialises in meeting the needs of the events industry. It has the scale to service the FIFA World Cup 2010 and the Olympics 2012, but is equally at home supplying corporate sales conferences, exhibition organisers and smaller scale events.

Cellhire offers a vast range of mobile services specifically designed to save customers up to 70% in comparison to roaming. Our services are hassle free and guarantee to keep customers connected for less regardless of where in the world the event is hosted.

Chris Power, International Events Executive comments “Cellhire offers specific event rental packages to media professionals that can be tailored to meet their individual needs. For journalists and photographers reporting on and taking photos at events, global coverage is imperative. Our clients rely on us to provide cost effective, high speed data solutions for uploading images and information within the quickest possible time. We offer a variety of short term solutions ranging from International SIM cards, smartphones, USB ModemsMiFi devices and satellite phones. We back up our comprehensive portfolio with a host of additional value added services including SMS Broadcast, High User Alert, Text My Bill and DataManager. And because we’re a rental company, our terms are flexible so there are no contractual tie-ins, you just rent the equipment for the duration of the event and then return it. Simple!”

Visit our events section for further information.

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Cellhire sporting reduced call charges for Singapore Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games opens on the 14th August 2010 until 26th August 2010 and will be hosted in Singapore. The event is expected to see 500 athletes and officials, 1,200 media representatives, 205 National Olympic Committees and some 370,000 spectators in attendance.

Cellhire has a long established strategic partnership in place with SingTel, the Singaporean telecommunications provider and event sponsor, and can offer customers visiting the Youth Olympic Games cost savings of up to 70% on their mobile voice and data bills.

Cellhire offers a vast range of products and services to keep you connected for less whilst in Singapore.

Our SIM card only solution costs as little as £5.00 per week. You simply hire a Singaporean SIM card for the duration of your stay to use in your own unlocked GSM phone, or rent a phone from Cellhire. You can choose from a basic Nokia handset or a state-of-the-art smartphone depending on your intended usage levels. Roaming (using your existing phone abroad) can be very costly, especially when web surfing and accessing email and social networking sites. Renting a local Singaporean SIM card for your smartphone (or taking a smartphone from Cellhire) will alleviate these potential high data roaming charges.

Alternatively, Cellhire can provide USB Modems with a Singapore SIM card. As an event rental specialist, Cellhire has been supplying media representatives with cost effective voice and data solutions for events for over 20 years. International USB modem rental provides remote, wireless access to email and the Internet regardless of location and we offer a choice of inclusive bundles tailored for varying usage patterns.

For further information visit our international portfolio.