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Newly launched ‘Cellhire on Demand’ gives businesses the ability to regain control over employee’s data roaming costs in 98+ countries worldwide.

Newly launched ‘Cellhire on Demand’ gives businesses the ability to regain control over employee’s data roaming costs in 98+ countries worldwide. A central pool of SIM cards and MiFi devices is provided and stored on site, ensuring instant availability and abolishing the need for multiple shipping charges, saving businesses money.

Cellhire on Demand’s secure online portal gives businesses complete control over their company’s usage and displays an overview of all active data bundles. Over-the air SIM activation and deactivation, the ability to re-assign SIM cards to specific users at any time and a barring function to manage theft & loss is now possible thanks to Cellhire’s innovative in-house app.

“Compared to the current process of phoning your network provider to enable a costly roaming data bolt-on, Cellhire On Demand is instant and provides more data at cheaper rates whilst placing you entirely in control of every connection. What’s more, the data can be shared securely between multiple phones, laptops and tablets by using a MiFi.” quotes Matt Bennett, UK Managing Director.

The ability to activate and deactivate data bundles leads to a reduction in data roaming costs and is easy to manage. Receive early high usage warnings with daily alerts and reduce overage bills with the ability to automatically deactivate or renew data bundles once the bundle limit has been reached.

For further information visit or to arrange a trial, please contact Cellhire +44 (0) 1904 610 610 or email

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How to Block a Number on iPhone

It’s often the case that we get bombarded and harassed by unknown numbers. This can become an annoyance and lead to frustration. If you’re one of the unlucky ones getting spammed with calls, messages or even FaceTime calls, there is a solution. Apple has designed a quick and easy way of blocking the nuisance calls from contacting you. Below are a number of methods of blocking numbers*.

Blocking a Number

1. Open the Phone app from your home screen


2. Tap on the Recent Calls list located on the bottom tab of the screen



3. Locate the contact that you want to block and tap the ‘i’ Info symbol next to their name/number


4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap ’Block this Caller

Block Caller


Blocking Contacts on Messages and Facetime

1. Open the Settings Menu located on you home screen

2.Scroll down to Messages/Facetime


3. Scroll down the screen to find and click ‘Blocked


4. Tap ‘Add New’ to scroll down your contacts list to find the contact you wish to block

Add new


Blocking Contacts Straight From Message Thread

1. Tap on the message thread and click ‘Details’ on the top right of the screen



2. Proceed to click on the ‘i’ Info symbol on the right


3. Scroll down the contacts information and click ‘Block this Caller


*These methods can only be carried out if you have the number/contact in your iPhone’s contact or recent calls list.

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How to Change the APN Settings on your iPhone

Access Point Name settings, otherwise known as APN, are the settings your phone needs in order to connect to data servers. With them, you’re able to connect from your carrier to the internet.

Without these settings, your phone cannot obtain the correct IP address or connect to the correct server; meaning no data. Your APN settings should automatically update and connect to your carrier’s servers when you insert your SIM.

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to the internet or are losing data services, your APN settings may be wrong. If this is the case then you should contact your carrier as you may be at risk of being overcharged. It is important to remember that you should not change your APN settings unless instructed to do so by your carrier as you will need to use the same settings as them.

If you need to change your APN settings, you can find them on your iOS device in SETTINGS > CELLULAR > CELLULAR DATA and then enter the details given to you by your carrier. Updating your iOS will also reset the settings automatically.


If you’ve purchased a SIM for international use then there may be a chance that you will have to input different settings manually if it doesn’t update automatically. These can be found in the SIMs instructions guide.

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How to set up an Android Phone

Setting up an Android: Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

  1. Inserting your SIM card

Before switching on the device, ensure you insert your SIM. If you have a new SIM, once you switch on the device you will be prompted to enter the PIN number that came with the SIM. If you already have a working SIM you will not need a PIN. Please note that depending on the Android phone you have the SIM is often required to go in different places.

  1. Language selection

After inserting the SIM and turning on your device, the power button is typically found on the side of your phone, you will be required to select a language. There are more languages shown if you tap the highlighted corner in the default language box.

  1. Wi-Fi networks

If you are within a wireless network range, you will notice a number of Wi-Fi options displayed. Click on the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to and enter your password. You should then click connect. If you are not within Wi-Fi range or wish to skip this stage, you are able to do it later through your settings page.

  1. EULA & Diagnostic Data

After entering your Wi-Fi password, you will be asked to read and agree to the End User Licence Agreement for Software conditions. On the same page, you will be asked if you want to give consent to provide Diagnostic and Usage Data.

  1. Your Google account

If you have an existing Google account, here is the place to login. This will then restore any apps, contacts, mail and calendar events you have synced if you had a previous Android device. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one here. This is optional. You will then be prompted to share your locations with Google. This is shown via tick boxes.

  1. Your Samsung account

Again, this is optional, but is used when wanting to back up and restore your data anywhere and at any time.

  1. Thank you

After this, you will be diverted to a Thank you page where you can enter a name for your device to easily identify when using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. After you tap finish, you will have completed setting up your device. The date and time should automatically appear with the correct information however you can manually change them in settings.

  1. Insert micro-SD

To save internal storage on your device, it is a good idea to have a micro-SD card. This can usually be inserted into the side of the phone.

  1. Systems update

Once your device is up and running, it might pop up that the system needs updating. This is because it may not have been installed with the latest software. This does not have to be done straight away and usually takes a couple of minutes.

  1. Personalize your Android

After the setup is complete, you may wish to browse the settings and display menus to find the correct size and color of font as well as selecting your ideal background.

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How to set up an iPhone?

Congratulations on your iPhone purchase/rental! You now have access to one of the best phones on the market. Are you unsure about how to set up your new iPhone? Follow the quick and easy guide below.

  1. Turn on iPhone

    To begin, simply turn on your device by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. Models iPhone 6/6 Plus and newer will have the button on the right of the phone; previous models have the power button located above the phone.

    What does send as text mean on iPhone?

  2. Hello – Welcome screen

    Your iPhone should now have turned on and will be displaying a message saying ‘Hello’. Slide your finger to the right on the bottom of the screen to continue.

    What does send as text mean on iPhone?

  3. Select your country and language

    You will now be asked to select your country and language. This will determine the language that your phone uses on the display. Select the country/language that you would like by scrolling through the selections with your finger and then press on the country that you would like to choose.

    What does send as text mean on iPhone?

  4. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network

    The next screen gives you the opportunity to select a Wi-Fi network. If you are within range of a trusted Wi-Fi network then proceed to connect by selecting the name and entering the router password.

    What does send as text mean on iPhone?

  5. Turn on Location Services

    You will now be asked whether to turn on ‘Location Services’, personally I believe this to be a great feature on the iPhone and would turn it on. This enables important apps such as ‘Find my iPhone’ to work with greater accuracy.

    What does send as text mean on iPhone?

  6. iPhone security and Touch ID

    iPhone Touch ID will be presented to you if your device is a 5S or newer. This allows you to unlock the phone using your fingerprint and is an extra form of security offered by Apple and saves time when unlocking your phone. This can also be used later on if you wanted to use Apple Pay, however this must be set up separately.

    What does send as text mean on iPhone?

  7. Restore from iCloud backup

    If this is your first Apple device then you click “Set Up as New iPhone”, for previous iPhone users, you can restore from iCloud Backup.


  8. Create an Apple ID

    Sign in with your Apple ID or create a new ID if you do not already have one. Although the phone can work without this step, it is highly recommended that you use an Apple ID to benefit from all of the phone’s features.

  9. Set up Siri

    It’s now time to set up Siri, turn on this feature to be able to speak orders to your phone. Siri is great for headphone users as it lets you control the iPhone without having it in your hand. One of the final options is to decide whether to share information with app developers. This is personal choice, however most people choose not to use this feature.

    What does send as text mean on iPhone?

  10. Get started

    Finally finish up by clicking “Get started”. You will now be able to make calls, surf the web, write emails, download apps and much more!

    What does send as text mean on iPhone?

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What does send as text message mean on iPhone?

Have you ever sent a message to your friend or colleague, but instead of the usual blue text bubble, you’re greeted with green. This is because your iPhone has sent your message as an SMS over your mobile network, rather than iMessage on an internet connection.

Why would I want to send as a text message?

There are situations where it will be preferable to send a text as SMS and not via iMessage. If you want to text someone that is not connected to the internet, an iMessage will send but not deliver until the recipient turns on their connection. By forcing your phone to send as a text message, the recipient will be able to receive the message as long as they have a mobile network connection.

When traveling abroad, you may not have a data plan and therefore would have to pay large data roaming costs if you sent an iMessage. By selecting Settings > Messages > Turn off iMessage, this enables you to text and call abroad without worrying about a large data bill. If you’re looking to only use calls and texts abroad then you can benefit from a local SIM card and save when traveling.

Can I use iMessage abroad?

Yes! The great thing about iMessage and FaceTime is that they operate over an internet connection and therefore only need a WiFi or mobile data connection. To ensure that you only send via iMessage select Settings > Messages > Turn off Send as SMS. Please be aware that when messaging a non-Apple device, your phone will still send as SMS unless using a free internet messaging service such as WhatsApp. Here’s the great news… using mobile data abroad doesn’t have to result in expensive bills! An International Data SIM card combines both high speed mobile data worldwide with worry-free billing. Mobile data is now more popular than ever as it lets you communicate worldwide using iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype and FaceTime without having to pay roaming fees for calls and texts.

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Vismo awarded patent for GPS tracking technology

York, UK. Vismo, the Global Tracking Solutions specialist, has been awarded a patent for its technology for GPS tracking on mobile devices. The company previously had a patent pending and has now secured a full patent for its unique operation.

The awarded patent, GB2470376, specifically covers the design behind the algorithms and innovative operations of the Vismo tracking software to optimise location accuracy with minimal battery drain.

The algorithms use a combination of metrics from the phone such as speed, GPS, network information and cell tower locations to determine optimal accuracy for locations from the device, without incurring the large battery drain usually typical of GPS tracking applications.

vismoFundamental to the approach is how Vismo utilizes the functionality of mobile devices, minimising the use of navigational sensors by placing them into hibernation between pre-determined intervals and using environmental information to quickly locate a device without lengthy GPS warm-up periods. Ultimately, this produces a chronological ‘trail’ following a user’s location point-by-point on a map.

Colin Dale, Business Development Director at Vismo says, ‘We have always prided ourselves on the unique operation of our app and we are delighted to be recognised as owning the technology. One of our key USPs is maintaining such comprehensive and accurate international tracking while stretching battery life as much as possible.’

Vismo is available across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. For more information visit

About Vismo

Vismo is an innovative patented technology which has been developed in response to customer demand by Cellhire plc, a leading Global Service Provider of mobile communications based in the UK.

Cellhire is a Queen’s Award winning independent company that has been in business since 1987 and has Operations and Customer Support in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Brazil. The Company works with network operators globally to provide short and long term mobile communication services for some of the leading companies in the world.

With users in 180 countries around the world, Vismo is a proven and scalable Global Tracking Solution with a large number of Fortune 500 companies currently engaged as clients or in active trials.