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What is a MiFi?

Traveling with multiple wireless devices? With a MiFi you can access fast mobile data on a range of portable devices.

What is a MiFi?

A MiFi is a portable broadband router that enables multiple devices to share a single mobile broadband connection. The MiFi is fantastic for both business users and travelers thanks to a very easy to use super-fast 4G connection. This allows smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect effortlessly via the MiFi and use 4G mobile broadband speeds.

Being able to use reliable 4G internet gives users the ability to regularly use the internet when ‘on the go’. Whether you and your colleagues need to stay connected for work or if you enjoy keeping up to date with social media, a MiFi will make this an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

A MiFi can connect with smartphones, tablets and laptops

Where can I use a MiFi?

MiFi routers work best in areas that have a strong and reliable mobile network signal available as this is what enables them to work using 4G speeds. The MiFi can be used as a secure, portable internet connection on trains, in cars or as an alternative connection in the office.

How can I get internet on a train?

As any experienced traveler will know, finding a reliable internet connection while on ‘on the go’ can prove very difficult. The MiFi connects to a mobile network, giving users the advantage of being able to connect to the internet while traveling. Moving transport is a great example of when a MiFi can solve your travel woes. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with a large group, the router gives you the option to have up to 10 devices connected at any one time. This opens up the possibility of having meetings ‘on the go’ and works out far cheaper and quicker than any other portable WiFi solution, such as train WiFi.

Short Term Internet

Unable to use fixed line internet for your business? Many businesses are required to relocate after short periods, and event companies can’t always count on a stable internet connection to be available. Fast and secure mobile data through a MiFi can be the answer to your needs, allowing you to operate effectively with a reliable connection without being tied down to a long-term contract in one area or even where a traditional land line is not an option.

How can I get internet abroad?

Accessing the internet abroad doesn’t have to be slow and expensive. A 4G MiFi is available with an International data SIM bundle to allow you to make the most of your usage when traveling and lets you connect all of your devices. This provides a perfect solution for both business and personal use when abroad. To use a MiFi abroad, ensure that you have a competitive roaming or local SIM so that you can avoid high roaming charges on your travels.

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Top 10 Ski Resorts in the World

If you’re a fan of skiing or snowboarding, take a look at the top ski destinations in the world.
While experienced skiers and beginners may require different terrain, snow conditions and atmosphere, many ski destinations offer both groups the chance to have a fantastic time on the slopes.

  1. New Zealand

    Great off piste conditions, magnificent scenery and friendly locals make New Zealand an interesting prospect for any skier/snowboarder. Jet lag can easily take multiple days out of your trip so make sure you go for a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure you can visit the areas you wish to see. Mountain resorts are very small compared to European and North American counterparts and can therefore put people off.

  2. Andorra

    Nestled in the Pyrenees, Andorra brings cheap skiing, tasty cuisine and a warmer climate to skiers compared to the nearby Alps resorts. Andorra is starting to increase in popularity amongst skiers however it is still pretty quiet on the slopes and can therefore be great for beginners and families. Soldeu is the most popular resort in the area but smaller resorts do exist if that’s more to your liking. Skiing in Andorra can be good for beginners and early intermediates but advanced skiers may wish for more challenging runs. The resorts can lack atmosphere, plus snow conditions can be poor due to the warm climate having an undesirable effect.

  3. Bulgaria

    Cheap cheap cheap! Bulgaria is one of the cheapest resorts in Europe and is therefore increasing in popularity, especially amongst beginners and younger skiers. Resorts such as Bansko feature a good party/après-ski atmosphere due to cheap beverages and food in the local area. Bulgaria does however have its fair share of drawbacks, the low priced ski resorts have attracted a majority of Brits to the region and can be less diverse than other ski resorts and service definitely falls behind that expected in North America.

  4. Japan

    Well-renowned for its powder snow conditions and night skiing, Japan provides the best opportunity for skiing in the Asian continent. Aside from skiing, the chance to experience a different culture to typical Western styles is not to be missed and can be an interesting alternative to ski resorts in North America and Europe. The distance and expense of the journey is an almighty downside to the trip and therefore interested skiers must be dedicated and have deep pockets to truly experience skiing in Japan.

  5. Italy

    Italian ski resorts feature many similarities to other parts of the Alps such as France and Austria, but with one main advantage… FOOD! Italy has a world-famous passion for cuisine and this can be seen throughout the Italian ski resorts. Spectacular scenery is guaranteed; Cervinia benefits from incredible views of the Matterhorn Mountain and the resort itself is snow-sure at 2,050m. Despite some ski resorts being very eye catching, others are in dire need of investment and have started to look quite dated.

  6. Switzerland

    Swiss resorts are some of the most picturesque in the world; Zermatt even has spectacular views of the nearby Matterhorn Mountain. Resorts are a pleasure to stay in and feature the stereotypical Swiss efficiency, from ski lifts to airport transport you can certainly rely on the infrastructure. The snow conditions are often rivalled by most in the world, the ability to ski on glaciers is an extra added benefit of the country. Typically Switzerland is by no means a cheap place to ski, resorts can be very expensive and everything in the resort comes at a premium cost. For those that like après-ski, Switzerland has a generally quiet après-ski scene but resorts such as Verbier do offer a party atmosphere.

  7. Austria

    No matter what your skill level is, Austria will have the perfect resort for you. From traditional ski towns to adventurous off-piste trails you will be sure to enjoy your trip. St Anton, Ischgl and Mayrhofen provide a true benchmark for a party atmosphere and après-ski. The overall package comes for a reasonable price and although Austrian resorts generally have a low altitude, there are huge glaciers available for times of poor snow conditions.

  8. Canada

    Canada is a powder haven for skiers and snowboarders alike, resorts such as Whistler and Lake Louise offer fantastic skiing in a friendly and well-mannered environment. Scenic forest trails and beautiful snow conditions make Canada a true contender for anyone looking to go skiing, just make sure you wrap up warm as Canada can be extremely cold. Just like in the USA, Europeans will face a long journey to get to the resorts.

  9. USA

    A tough choice between Canada and the USA but we chose this for the sheer variety of ski resorts that are available to suit your needs. Jackson Hole, Park City, Aspen and Lake Tahoe are just some of the popular ski resorts that are in the USA and each brings its own unique qualities. You typically witness great service/friendly locals in most US resorts and the infrastructure is usually very modern. For European skiers the USA can be costly due to flights and transfers, it’s recommended to go for 2 weeks to ensure you get the most from your trip.

  10. France

    The French Alps have been a long-standing favorite for skiers and snowboarders from all over Europe. A wide selection of traditional mountain towns and villages combined with a vast alpine landscape has cemented its place as the most popular European winter destination. Whether you want family friendly resorts such as Avoriaz or are looking for a party atmosphere in the likes of Val d’Isère, France has everything you need for a perfect ski holiday.

    Do you like to monitor your progress on the slopes? Many iPhone and Android apps require a data connection to be used. When abroad, this can come with unnecessary high roaming charges and a cheap International Data SIM from Cellhire can dramatically reduce your mobile bill. 4G MiFi devices are also available so that you can browse the web, post to social media and connect with family and friends when abroad.

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Top 5 Ski Resorts in Europe

Looking to Ski in Europe? Read below to see our Top 5 Ski Resorts.

Ski resort in Europe

    1. Val d’Isere, France

      Val d’Isère is widely renowned as one of the best ski resorts in the world, offering everything a skiier or snowboarder could possibly want. Due to its high altitude the region offers snow-sure slopes and operates using modern high speed lifts in order to get the huge volume of skiiers up the mountain. Fantastic accomodation, off-piste skiing and a well-connected ski area with nearby Tignes, Val d’Isère is a strong choice for anyone looking to ski in Europe.

    2. Kitzbuehel, Austria

      Located in Austria’s Tyrol mountain region, Kitzbuehel is world reknown for great skiing with the infamous Hahnenkamm downhill race, apres-ski and swanky hotels. Despite the resort having a relatively low altitude, peak conditions here are tough to beat and a true sense of luxury can be felt as you move around the town. When choosing Kitzbuehel, it’s best to book dates in January or February to get the best snow conditions.

    3. Val Thorens, France

      As Europe’s highest ski resort with an altitude of 2,300 metres, Val Thorens ensures reliable snow conditions all through the ski season. The resort is part of the worlds largest ski area (Les 3 vallées) that connects Val Thorens with Meribel and Courcheval. To summarise, the resort offers great apres-ski and a large ski area that will leave you spoilt for choice with reasonably priced accommodation.

    4. Zermatt, Switzerland

      Zermatt is one of the most picturesque ski resorts in the world. Traditional buildings along with breath-taking views of the Matterhorn ensure that you will be stunned by the beauty of the small Swiss town. A unique feature in Zermatt is that it operates as a car-free village so forms of transport around the Town include electric taxis and buses. The French speaking Swiss resort is a world class skiing venue with top facilities. If during your stay you fancy a trip elsewhere, there is a link over to Cervinia, Italy for those who want a to explore the area. Arguably expensive for accommodation, ski rental and an area lift pass, Zermatt is well worth the extra cash to get the best experience.

    5. St Anton, Austria

      Famous for après-ski bars such as the Mooservert and the Krazy Kangaroo, St Anton is the perfect place to let loose after a busy day on the slopes. The centre of the village is pedestrianised to keep the traditional alpine character. Despite its low altitude, peak season in St Anton is fantastic for both advanced and intermediate skiers.

Are you fed up of using slow chalet/hotel Wi-Fi? We recommend a Cheap International data bundle to browse and update social media whilst on the slopes. An essential item for anyone looking to share pictures or keep in contact with family, friends and colleagues when traveling.

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How to use an iPhone abroad

Want to use your iPhone abroad?

The iPhone has some fantastic built-in features that help you save money while roaming, read below to find out more.

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to take their iPhones with them when traveling. To avoid “bill-shock” from data roaming and to make the most out of your iPhone’ features, it’s important to manage data usage in an affordable way. A popular way to control costs is by using International SIM card.

You can manage your data usage in the following ways:

  1. Enable data roaming

    Firstly, you will have to enable data roaming on your iPhone. To do this go to Settings > Cellular > Data Roaming (leave EU internet turned off). Once complete you will be able to use data in different countries. Beware that this can be expensive and a cheap International Data SIM card is likely to save you money.

    Enable-data-roaming Enable data roaming

  2. Manage which apps use cellular data

    Secondly, you must select which Apps you want to use your data for. This is a great way of ensuring you only use data when you actually want to.
    Settings > Cellular > Scroll down and select which Apps you want to allow.
    Manage cellular usage

    Manage cellular usage

  3. Make sure iMessage doesn’t send as SMS

    As a way to save costs when communicating, you can set your iPhone to only send texts as an imessage (this will save you money by not sending SMS when data or WiFi cannot be found).
    Settings > Messages > Turn off ‘Send as SMS’
    Turn off 'Send as SMS'

    Turn off ‘Send as SMS’

  4. Turn off Automatic Updates/Downloads

    One large drain of data usage comes through Automatic Updates; this allows your updates to be carried out on your iPhone without you knowing and can easily cost a small fortune.
    Settings > iTunes & App Store > Make sure ‘Use Cellular Data’ is turned off.
    Turn off Automatic Updates/Downloads

    Turn off Automatic Updates/Downloads

  5. Disable app notifications

    Many apps will attempt to send notifications to your iPhone in order to encourage you to use them. This is likely to be unwanted when abroad and could be using your precious data, make sure only certain apps (News and Communication) are included.
    Settings > Notifications > Select the appropriate app

Cheap International data bundles are becoming more popular for travelers due to their ability to dramatically reduce international roaming charges. This service allows one SIM card to be used across the world at a fraction of the price, an essential item for anyone looking to share pictures or keep in contact with family, friends and colleagues when traveling.

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Beware of Free WiFi

Using public WiFi can be unsecure and even dangerous affecting both your personal data and potentially, your bank balance.Cellhire MiFi

If you’re out and about traveling and you need to access your personal accounts on various platforms including internet banking and social media, you might find that you’re walking right in to the arms of cyber criminals.

Most café and hotel WiFi is insecure allowing anyone with the right know-how to hijack your traffic and steal your information. Among the most common threats are “man in the middle” attacks where hackers insert themselves between users and a hotspot to gather data passing between two points. Other problems include rogue hotspots with names like “Free Public Wi-Fi”, tricking people into connecting to what they think are legitimate hotspots. Cyber criminals set these up to steal information from unsuspecting users.

One reason for the increase in Wi-Fi hacking is the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots. Figures from a report commissioned by the Wireless Broadband Alliance show the number of Wi-Fi hotspots reached 1.3m worldwide in 2013 and will rise to 5.8m in 2015.

Tools such as Firesheep make it easy for a hacker to snoop on other people’s browsing sessions over Wi-Fi and steal information. Other more advanced tools like Wireshark can also be used to capture and analyse traffic.

Instead of using free WiFi and taking these risks, you can take a MiFi device from Cellhire which offers a secure connection for all of your personal data. Don’t take unnecessary risks with security, why would you when you can rent a MiFi from Cellhire for as little as £19.99?

To find out more information of the security implications of using Free Public WiFi watch this recent article on the BBC:

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Cellhire reforça presença no Brasil

A Cellhire, especialista em soluções de telefonia móvel internacional, abriu um novo escritório em São Paulo para buscar oportunidades no amplo mercado brasileiro e construir uma plataforma sólida para servir a sua base de clientes globais para os Jogos Olímpicos que o Brasil sediará em 2016. O evento será usado como um trampolim para consolidar ainda mais a unidade de negócios de São Paulo e ganhar uma posição forte no mercado interno para oportunidades pós Jogos Olímpicos.

Em 2014 a Cellhire forneceu mais de 14.000 conexões na Copa do Mundo da FIFA, um dos maiores eventos do mundo. Foram atendidos diversos segmentos de negócios e mídia internacional em todo o território Brasileiro. Para 2016 a Cellhire já está preparando uma estrutura adequada para suportar esse próximo grande evento no Brasil, para fornecimento de conexões de voz e dados para grandes agências de notícias e de mídias de todo o mundo.

Martyn Stevens, Diretor de Desenvolvimento de Negócios Internacionais da Cellhire diz: “Nosso novo escritório no Brasil é uma oportunidade fantástica para Cellhire difundir os negócios na América Latina com base no sucesso que tivemos na Copa do Mundo da FIFA. Estamos ansiosos para o Rio 2016 e temos acordos de serviços exclusivos com operadoras de telecom para realmente fazer acontecer e proporcionar ao nosso recente escritório um grande início”.

As Olimpíadas no Rio serão em agosto de 2016, mas a Cellhire já garantiu uma grande quantidade de conexões para atender alguns clientes que viajam para o Brasil no início de Maio de 2016.

Sobre a Cellhire

Fundada em 1987, a Cellhire é uma empresa global especialista em fornecimento de serviços. O sucesso da Cellhire tem como base o fornecimento das melhores soluções em telefonia móvel disponíveis em diversos locais do mundo, com orgulho de ser uma empresa fácil de fazer negócio. A Cellhire é líder no fornecimento de serviços de telefonia móvel para organizadores e empresas em grandes eventos como os Jogos Olímpicos, Copa do Mundo FIFA, UEFA Liga dos Campeões e do Festival de Cannes.

Em 2005 a Cellhire recebeu o prêmio Queens Award for International Enterprise como resultado de seu sucesso como empresa especializada no fornecimento de soluções de comunicações para eventos ao redor do mundo. O compromisso da Cellhire em entregar à seus clientes serviços com um padrão elevado de qualidade tem como garantia a continuidade da certificação ISO 9001:2008 desde 1992, padrão internacional de reconhecimento em qualidade. A Cellhire conta também com contratos com mais de 100 operadoras em mais de 40 países, garantindo uma cobertura verdadeiramente global.

Mais informações em e

Alguma viagem internacional a trabalho? Evite gastos excessivos em Roaming Internacional e mantenha seus funcionários conectados: contrate serviços de telefonia móvel internacional com a Cellhire.

Leonardo Rossi
Diretor de Desenvolvimento de Negócios
Cellhire Brasil

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Cellhire Supports local York Against Cancer golf day

Tim Williams, Cellhire Chairman & Chief Executive pictured centre left.
Tim Williams, Cellhire Chairman & Chief Executive pictured centre left.

A team of Cellhire golfers went to represent the company and help raise money for York Against Cancer last Thursday 2nd July .

Cellhire also took the opportunity to offer further support by sponsoring one of the holes on the day helping York Against Cancer raise a total of £12,500.

York Against Cancer is a small independent local charity. The money raised locally is spent locally to help and support cancer patients and their families.