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Avoid high mobile roaming charges and expensive hotel call charges

When travelling abroad, the costs of calling home can be high, particularly when mobile roaming or using hotel phones and international calling cards. Travellers, whether they’re away on business or for leisure, will be charged exorbitant charges for local, national and international calls, unnecessarily. And what’s more, when mobile roaming, users are also charged for all incoming calls they receive. However, international travellers can now stay in touch without having to face high roaming charges. Cellhire, the world’s leading mobile communications rental company, offers a range of international airtime solutions enabling travellers to save money whilst abroad. SIMSmart is the cost effective alternative to roaming. Users simply hire a local SIM card for their destination country then insert it into their GSM handset. As they utilise local airtime, users will save money on all outgoing calls whilst all incoming calls are free. Commenting on the service, Ross MacLeod, Marketing Manager said, “Cellhire’s SIMSmart service has proved to be an extremely popular solution for corporates, media organisations and event organisers. The SIM card is only a small addition to their luggage but can lead to huge savings for the traveller. Cellhire currently offers local airtime solutions on over 20 networks worldwide but this is continually expanding” For more information on how travellers can stay in touch the Smart way, click here.