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International phone rental company Cellhire announces their newest solution for United States travel

August 24, 2006 – Before you head to the U.S. and prepare to pay your cell phone provider huge roaming costs and international fees, look into Cellhire’s Bundled Minute Packages. Whether planning to visit the States for one week or one year, Cellhire has a solution for you.


Bundled Minute Packages offer great savings by offering a “bundle” of minutes for one low price. And because the traveler pays upfront for the minutes they need, they are not surprised with a huge bill upon their return home. With over 10 plans to choose from, travelers have the option of purchasing as little as 500 or as much as 12,000 minutes to use whenever they want throughout the bundled period.


“We listened to our customers and put together solutions to best meet their needs.” says John Henry, VP of Client Services for Cellhire USA LLC. “The industry standard is to provide bundles of minutes to be used monthly; our research told us customers require more flexibility in their usage patterns. By providing customers with bundle options ranging from 500 to 12,000 minutes, we allow them to choose the amount of minutes they need, at the same time giving them the flexibility to use them as they need them anytime up to the end of the bundle period. Whether you need all of your minutes over a weekend or over a year, Cellhire has your solution.”


For travelers heading to the U.S., it is the perfect solution because there is no long term commitment and no prepaid cards to replenish. If travelers find themselves running low on minutes, they can call Cellhire to replenish instead of going out of their way to find the right prepaid phone card. An even better plus? Their phone will not turn off like traditional prepaid services.


When customers order a package, they are given a temporary cell phone, phone number and accessory kit. Not only does Cellhire makes the rental easy, tracking usage is easy too because Cellhire sends them a monthly usage text message.

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New is launched

This month Cellhire launched a new look to compliment its already established CellhireConnect solution. The CellhireConnect service offers the convenience of mobile phone contracts, fixed line solutions, wireless data equipment, overseas rentals for business travel and many other solutions in one consolidated package. It is a one-stop-shop service covering all businesses communication requirements.

Cellhire is renowned for its short term rental solutions for business travellers with products ranging from SIMSmart, which gives customers the benefits of local airtime in whichever country they travel to, to data cards for remote access to email and the internet.

As a result of the excellent care and service customers received from Cellhire when renting short term solutions many began to enquire about full business communication services; CellhireConnect was born and grew to become a popular communications solution in the business community.

The launch of the website celebrated Cellhire’s growth and success in this new market and will hopefully attract even more clients to the high quality business communication services within the CellhireConnect package.

For more information about CellhireConnect services for your business contact the sales team on: +44 (0) 1904 610 610 or visit