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Using mobile internet abroad?

Personal Hotspot

Being able to get online anywhere in the world is no longer a luxury, it a necessity. Global business and the demand for social media means being offline just isn’t an option. Cellhire has launched a number of mobile internet solutions to help you stay online wherever you are.

Keep your laptop connected to the internet and the office while traveling abroad with a Cellhire USB Modem. Roughly the same size as a USB memory stick, the USB Modem’s software runs and connects to the high-speed web automatically; just plug it in and away you go.

If you have more than one device to connect to the web, take a Wi-Fi Hotspot. With a Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot you can connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet/iPad (up to five devices) and share one internet connection with download speeds of up to 21/mbps.

Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot devices are light, compact (about the size of a deck of cards) and very easy to use. Simply enable Wi-Fi on your laptop/smartphone/tablet and connect using the password provided. These devices are ideal for the travelling business team or holidaying family, cutting out expensive internet roaming charges and allowing multiple users to access the web through one connection.

A range of mobile internet bundles are available covering over 80 countries worldwide. Cellhire’s European data bundles have the best prices on the web including 1GB of data to use across Europe for only $99. Buy your roaming bundle in three simple steps using our new configurator.