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Support for Kilimanjaro Climb

Cellhire provided connectivity for the BT Red Nose Climb of Kilimanjaro earlier this month.

The nine celebrity climbers, including Cheryl Cole, Fearne Cotton and Chris Moyles, overcame altitude sickness, sub-zero temperatures and exhaustion to reach the summit of Africa’s highest mountain on March 7th.

Cellhire provided the production team with French SIM cards for picture messaging, plus Vodafone World roaming SIMs for voice and text.

“The solution needed to be relatively tailored to accommodate the volumes of picture messaging to websites and voice calls back to the UK from multiple countries. We’re delighted to have been involved in the project” commented Chris Power, Senior Business Development Executive at Cellhire.

UK News

Upsurge in orders for G20 Summit

The forthcoming G20 Summit has led to an increase in demand for UK airtime.

G20 brings together the leaders of industrial and emerging market countries that make up 85% of the world economy, with the global financial crisis high on the agenda.

The summit is being held in London, on April 2nd and over 300 dignitaries and support staff from several different nations have ordered UK airtime from Cellhire. Incoming calls are free and charges and calls back to the clients’ respective home nations are significantly discounted compared to the cost of ‘roaming’ on their existing SIM cards.

Dan Wilson, Account Manager at Cellhire commented “Barack Obama coming to the UK has added an extra element. The summit has become extremely high profile and we’ve seen demand for our services increase accordingly”.

US News

Cellhire unveils new consumer website

Cellhire, a global provider of wireless voice and data solutions, today unveiled a fresh new look and enhanced functionality that makes it easier for consumers to rent the most advanced products and services available from the world’s leading brands.

The new streamlined design, seen at, features products based on the most popular wireless categories: cellular, satellite, and data solutions. The enhanced site highlights the company’s main wireless solutions including cell phones, SIM cards, BlackBerry devices and mobile broadband cards.

Cellhire’s online interface offers a user-friendly experience that makes it easy for consumers to navigate the wide selection of mobile solutions. The new homepage features a new Web 2.0 rotating SIM card carousel, designed to help consumers quickly find the right solution for their trip abroad. “We have found that many US consumers are unaware of the new technologies and savings available to them when they travel abroad.” Says John Henry, Vice President of Operations for Cellhire USA.  “Some customers don’t realize just how much they could save on mobile call costs by renting from Cellhire rather than taking their own mobile. And to emphasize this point, the website clearly shows those savings against the major networks. By allowing our customers to select their destination on our new site we can them present them will all solutions and savings available for that specific country. It makes the renting experience much cleaner and easier to understand.”  The site also provides consumers with a number of domestic solutions. Inbound travelers can select the most cost-effective solution while in the US and place an order directly online. In addition to improvements to the enhanced online experience, the redesign makes it easier for existing customers to order online from any Web Browser.

Cellhire’s extensive portfolio of low-cost wireless rental solutions includes international cell phones, international SIM cards, BlackBerry devices, 3G data cards, and a host of satellite options. Strategic partnerships with global networks such as O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile allow Cellhire to provide their customers with the best solutions on the highest quality networks in over 180 countries worldwide. Most incoming calls are free and service is neither pre-pay nor contract-based.

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Cellhire raises over £300 for Comic Relief

Cellhire raises over £300 for Comic Relief.

Friday 13th proved lucky for several members of staff, who had their cars washed by senior management as part of our efforts to raise money on Red Nose Day. Various competitions, a sale of handmade greetings cards and copious cake-eating also featured on a day that was as enjoyable as it was worthwhile.


“We’ve raised money for a very worthy cause and had some good fun in the process”, commented Jackie Potter, Senior HR Business Partner at Cellhire.

UK News

Cellhire in Channel 5 TV feature

Cellhire has been working with North One TV, on a feature for Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’

The Birmingham-based independent production specialists called us when they needed help sourcing ‘vintage’ products for a piece on the history of BlackBerry. We searched high and low and came up with ten models of varying age, dating back to the 5820, which we believe was the first production model available in the UK.

The show is scheduled to be broadcast on March 23rd.

Charlotte Clappison from North One commented “We were aware that Cellhire specialised amongst other things, in BlackBerry rental and they were able to locate and source the models we needed for the feature pretty quickly”.

US News

Featured on traveling with your cell phone

Cellhire featured on

Financial horror stories are often recounted when travelers are asked about their international cell phone usage. Time and again the costs are high and the usage was minimal at best. Many were either completely unaware of the outrageous rates while others paid a hefty monthly charge to their carrier just to avoid an even larger one when they returned.

Worse still, many travelers are oblivious to other charges they are incurring for something that they often use daily, the internet. And it doesn’t stop there, every e-mail, every map lookup, and every Google search can add-up charges to your hotel bill or phone bill. Many times charges can add up to over $100 per day for data usage.

Sadly these types of stories are all too common and the shocking phone and data bills are just the same. Luckily there is a solution. As mentioned on MSNBC, “A number of companies offer programs that get around the need to deal with your own U.S. or Canadian carrier. You either rent or buy a phone from companies like Cellhire and pay only for the minutes you use. Incoming calls are free in some cases, with outgoing ones generally the same or lower than what your own carrier charges. These services are usually “carrier neutral”, so they roam on whatever local network is the strongest, resulting in better call quality.”

Unfortunately, many U.S. cell phone carriers prefer their customers to remain in the dark about high-cost international cell phone and data charges. Thankfully, you are now armed with the truth and have the option upon your next international trip to come home happy to your phone bill.