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FIFA World Cup 2010

The FIFA World Cup is the premier international football event and takes place throughout June and July in South Africa. Cellhire is working in partnership with one of the official tour operators for the FIFA World Cup 2010 to offer significant savings on mobile voice and data charges when at the event. Using airtime from official sponsor MTN, the unique package guarantees reduced costs whilst contacting colleagues, family and friends.

Stay in touch for less with local South African post-paid and pre-paid airtime from MTN. Avoid expensive roaming charges with a GSM handset and local MTN airtime or simply order a local SIM card for use with your own unlocked GSM phone.

Mobilise your laptop with remote, wireless access to email and the Internet. USB modems provide real time access to essential information whenever and wherever you need it, increasing flexibility and productivity. BlackBerrys,3G Routers and satellite phones are also available to ensure you stay connected in South Africa, regardless of location.

Actualités en France

Japon et Corée : les prix baissent !

De nombreux clients utilisent les services de Cellhire pour bénéficier d’un téléphone mobile adapté à leur voyage au Japon ou en Corée. Cellhire a recemment revu ses accords avec les opérateurs locaux et vous propose de profiter d’une tarification plus attractive :

Depuis le Japon ou la Corée
appel reçu : gratuit !
appel local : 0.90 €HT
appel vers la France : 1.35 €HT

En plus de vous garantir l’équipement à la norme locale, vous réalisez des économies sur tous les appels ( jusqu’à 62% en émission en comparaison avec une ligne française).

Et si vous disposez déjà d’un combiné adapté, la location d’une carte sim japonaise est de 1€ par jour !


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Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is an annual off-road automobile race, open to both amateur and professional entrants. In previous years, Cellhire has provided Iridium satellite phones for participants which include magnetic mounts for use inside their Rally support vehicles.

Iridium satellite phones ensure a connection where traditional networks fail to reach. In remote regions, where terrestrial or cellular network coverage is unreliable or unavailable, Cellhire’s satellite solutionsensure connectivity.

Iridiums are invaluable for communication between rally cars and support vehicles in the event of accidents or breakdowns.

Chris Power, Account Manager – comments “The Iridium satellite phone is an ideal solution for events such as the Dakar. They provide truly global reach and this plays a key role in ensuring the safety of participants, by ensuring they are contactable at all times.”