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Cellhire launches International BlackBerry Rentals

New York, NY, May 13, 2004 – Cellhire USA LLC, the world’s leading supplier of international wireless rental solutions, has launched the International Blackberry to its portfolio of data solutions. The BlackBerry allows mobile professionals to manage their voice and data communications from a single, lightweight handheld device while traveling abroad.

For a competitive weekly rate, international travelers will have unlimited access to e-mail (including attachments) in approximately 50 countries worldwide. WAP Internet browsing and phone calls are available for an additional charge. The rental includes a BlackBerry 7730 which features a large, bright, high-resolution screen that supports over 65,000 colors. The handheld device also features an easy-to-use keyboard.

Established in 1987, Cellhire is a world leader in mobile communications providing clients and partners with innovative and competitive wireless solutions. Cellhire is an independent company providing service on various networks worldwide. Through the strength of global relationships, Cellhire offers customers a broad range of world class rental services. Cellhire’s commitment to innovation makes it possible for clients to take advantage of the most sophisticated voice and data technology enabling them to stay connected whenever and wherever they travel.

Further information about renting the International BlackBerry