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Rock bottom call charges at Fuji Festival

The Fuji Rock Festival is an annual rock festival held in Naeba Ski Resort, in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The Rock festival, lasting 3 days is the largest outdoor music event held in Japan. The event takes place this year on July 30th – August 1st 2010.

If you lucky enough to be attending the music festival, visit ‘destination Japan’ for details of how you can save money on your voice and data bills whilst at the event.

Cellhire can offer anyone travelling to Japan up to a 70% saving on making and receiving calls, accessing email, social networking sites and web surfing.

If your existing mobile phone isn’t compatible in Japan, you can rent a handset guaranteed to work in Japan for only £10.00 per week. Or for a SIM only solution we offer Japan SIM cards for only £5.00 per week.

Cellhire has been working as an event rental provider of voice and data solutions for over 20 years and has the most competitive rates in the market place. In renting a Japanese solution from Cellhire, you are guaranteed to save money in Japan, and you only need to hire the device for as long as you intend to be out there.

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Put the brakes on expensive call charges with Cellhire at the Tour de France

The Tour de France is an annual bicycle race throughout France and bordering countries, starting 3rd July until 25th July 2010. The race lasts three weeks and attracts cycling enthusiasts from all around the world.

If you are attending this year’s event be it as part of a team, the media, Official or spectator, Cellhire offer a range of cost effective solutions to ensure you stay connected for less. Our solutions, specially designed to avoid roaming charges in France, include French SIM cards, USB Modems, BlackBerry and MiFi – all available on a rental basis.

Cellhire has negotiated preferential rates with over thirty network operators worldwide making sure you can enjoy free incoming and low cost outgoing calls, as well as low cost access to email and internet as you travel. Our partnership with Orange France ensures we can offer our customers the lowest rental rates available. Renting a device from Cellhire, with a local French SIM card can save you up to 70% compared to the alternative – roaming (using your existing SIM card in France)

Our rental devices range from economy to top of the range, though should you wish to use your existing mobile phone simply rent a SIM card from us (providing your GSM phone is unlocked)

Visit Cellhire’s French solutions for more information and how to save money at the Tour de France.

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Putt your communications first. The Open Championships

The Open is played on the weekend of the third Friday in July, this year held at The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Fife.

Cellhire is offering anyone visiting the UK to attend The Open, the best rates in the market place for UK voice and data rental. Hiring a UK solution, as an overseas visitor can save you up to 70% compared to the cost of roaming.

As a communications rental provider, our terms are flexible – so you only need to rent your solution for the duration of your stay in the UK. And we can guarantee to match or beat any like for like quote.

Cellhire is the world’s leading rental provider of short term voice and data solutions and has a wealth of experience providing communications equipment for events.

Visit and select on “Visiting UK” to view our latest offers. UK SIM card rental starts at only £5 per week. Order now and enjoy the benefits that Cellhire can offer as the market leading rental provider of voice and data solutions.

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Treten Sie bei teuren Handygesprächen zur Tour de France auf die Bremse!

Die Tour de France ist ein jährliches Fahrradrennen durch Frankreich und Nachbarländer. Das Rennen dauert drei Wochen, vom 03. bis 25. Juli 2010, und begeistert Fahrradenthusiasten auf der ganzen Welt.

Wenn Sie bei der diesjährigen Tour dabei sind, sei es als Mitglied eines Teams, der Medien, als Offizieller oder Zuschauer, bietet Cellhire Ihnen eine Palette kostengünstiger Möglichkeiten, damit Sie für weniger Geld mobil verbunden bleiben. Unsere Lösungen, speziell entworfen, um roaming-Gebühren in Frankreich zu vermeiden, beinhalten französische SIM-KartenUSB ModemsBlackBerryund MiFi – alles auf Leihbasis erhltlich.

Cellhire hat Vorzugsraten mit weltweit über dreißig Netzwerkbetreibern ausgehandelt und stellt sicher, dass Sie eingehende Anrufe kostenlos genießen können und die Kosten für ausgehende Anrufe niedrig sind. Ausserdem ist der Zugang zu Email und Internet günstig, während Sie reisen. Unsere Zusammenarbeit mit Orange Frankreich gewährleistet, dass wir unseren Kunden die günstigsten Mietpreise anbieten können. Wenn Sie ein Gerät von Cellhire mit einer lokalen französischen SIM-Karte mieten, können Sie bis zu 70 Prozent im Vergleich zum herkömmlichen Roaming mit Ihrer eigenen SIM-Karte sparen.

Die Palette unserer Verleihhandys reicht von einfachen Telefonen bis zu Telefonen mit Topausstattung. Wenn Sie jedoch ein Handy, das sich bereits in Ihrem Besitz befindet, nutzen möchten, mieten Sie von uns einfach eine SIM-Karte (vorausgesetzt Ihr GSM Handy ist für den Gebrauch fremder SIM-Karten entsperrt).

Mehr Informationen und Sparmöglichkeiten bei der Tour de France finden Sie bei CellhiresFranzösische Lösungen.

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Cellhire can save you up to 70% compared to roaming – it’s plane and simple!

Cellhire is the world’s leading telecommunications rental provider and can offer you, as a visitor to the UK, the best possible rates in the market place.

Cellhire provide local UK SIM cards and UK mobile phones with reduced call rates specifically for attendees, media and exhibitors of the Farnborough Air Show.

As an overseas visitor to Farnborough you could be met with high roaming charges when calling home or taking incoming calls. Cellhire can guarantee to save you up to 70% compared to roaming with one of our UK products and incoming calls are always free.

Cellhire can also offer UK data solutions, ranging from BlackBerryUSB modems and Mifi. Our UK data products are extremely competitively priced, but should you find a comparative rate, call 01904 610 610 and we will beat any like-for-like quote.

Visit our UK voice and data solutions for further details.

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Great savings from Cellhire – but it’s first, come first serve

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is the most prestigious tennis tournament in the World and takes place 21st June – 4th July 2010, in Wimbledon, London.

For journalist, photographers, competitors and fans visiting Wimbledon, roaming internationally on your existing mobile phone can be extremely expensive.

Cellhire offer a range of communications solutions for visitors to the UK including UK SIM card only,handset and SIM card and UK BlackBerry rental. Cellhire can keep you connected for the duration of your stay with ‘local’ UK voice and data solutions that will generate significant savings.

Simply rent for as long as you need to, with no minimum call spend, no compulsory top-ups and no long term commitments.

For further details visit our UK voice and data portfolio.

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Football supporters travelling to the World Cup could face huge mobile phone bills on their return.

Football supporters travelling to the World Cup could face huge mobile phone bills on their return. Many phone companies classify South Africa in the most expensive bracket for making calls, sending texts or visiting social networking sites. Some operators can charge up to £8 per megabyte, which equates to about 20 web pages viewed.

As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, it’s never been easier to access emails and the internet on the move. However, it’s really important that fans check with their mobile operator, before travelling, how much it will cost to surf the net in South Africa.

Cellhire can save anyone attending the World Cup up to 70% on voice and data costs and has assembled a special technical support team in South Africa to assist customers during the World Cup itself. The Company has partnered with MTN, the leading South African mobile operator to offer substantial reductions in voice and data charges for the World Cup. Products available for South Africa include SIM cards, mobile phones with South African SIM cards included, BlackBerry® smartphones, and SA mobile broadband with 5GB USB sticks.

For one flat rental fee customers will have low cost call rates both in South Africa and back to the UK, as well as free incoming calls. The rental fee covers the entire event period from the 15th of May right through to 31st of July.

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Why Pay Roaming, Go Local at FIFA WC2010?

Articles abound regarding high call and data charges while in South Africa. Consumer groups have issued several notices regarding the possible fees associated with domestic carriers when roaming abroad, especially on data intensive phones like the iPhone. All of these articles have one thing in common. They are talking about your international roaming charges with your local carrier, which begs the question …

Why roam on your domestic carrier and risk the outrageous bills? Why not go local?

Cellhire® secured over 7,000 lines on the MTN® network in South Africa, an official sponsor of this years games. Not only are we able to make some fabulously priced offers for the World Cup event complete with 24/7 support, we can navigate the countries RICA regulations for you and ensure you are properly registered with your local solution.

From SIM Only to BlackBerry® solutions to complete phone rental packages that include free incoming calls, there is every reason to expect outstanding savings. Worried about having to teach everyone to dial internationally on your MTN rental, ask us about FollowMe®. Friends and family will not have to dial internationally or keep a new number handy to reach you with this great add on feature.

We even have a great 5GB data bundle offer complete with the free DataManager® tool that will allow you the flexibility to get what you need and know your usage and, best of all, eliminate those surprisingly high bills.

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York telecom firm Cellhire to receive £1m boost from World Cup partnership

Whatever the outcome of the World Cup, Cellhire of York will be a winner.

The following article by Ron Godfrey was published in the York Press on the 3rd June 2010. An extract from the article appears below, if you would like to view the full article online, visit the York Press.

The Clifton Park-based mobile solutions specialist, which is renowned for getting around expensive “roaming” charges abroad, has agreed a strategic partnership with the South African MTN Group.

MTN (Mobile Telecommunication Networks) is a mobile operator which is one of the major sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and Cellhire is the first company outside South Africa to become its international service provider.

The deal will see Cellhire providing more than 7,000 voice and data connections at the event – worth more than £1 million to the company.

It will represent savings of thousands of pounds for competing teams and football associations, sponsors, journalists, media professionals and corporate travellers in the republic throughout the event which starts on June 11.

Cellhire’s help will be particularly vital for the world’s press corps because it will provide cost effective, high speed solutions that enable the instant upload of photographs and contact with newsdesks. It is not the first time that the £20 million turnover company has become involved in the World Cup, but this is the most lucrative.

Tim Williams, Cellhire’s chairman and chief executive, said: “The forthcoming the World Cup represents a huge opportunity for us. Historically, mobile communications in South Africa has been both expensive and occasionally unreliable. Our partnership with MTN alleviates these problems. We’re very excited about the forthcoming event.”

The company is “supporting” countries from all over the globe including Brazil, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, USA and, of course, England.

In the months building up to the World Cup, Cellhire has also been developing innovative products and services to provide new, cost effective technology.

That includes its DataManager solution which enables customers to keep track of the total amount of data used, even alerting them when usage has reached a selected level.

A specific “World Cup Portal” has also been developed for corporate customers, which allows access to a number of extra services including online billing and TextMyBill, designed to keep down communication costs.

Cellhire has assembled a special technical support team in South Africa to assist customers during the World Cup itself. Clients can therefore focus on conducting business without having to worry about network reliability and the cost of keeping in touch.

Visit for more news and information about Cellhire UK.