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MiFi – Intelligent mobile hotspot

Cellhire is pleased to announce that it has recently launched the MiFi – mobile hotspot. MiFi is a WiFi mobile router that offers a simple and hassle-free method of connecting up to five users to the internet at any one time. Connectivity can be achieved either wirelessly or via the supplied USB cable which plugs directly into a laptop or notebook. MiFi operates over high-speed networks enabling you to connect at high speeds to the Internet or your corporate Intranet, and access your email while you are away from the office. The MiFi device enables you to securely connect virtually any WiFi enabled device to MiFi for a total mobile Internet experience.

Additionally you can use MiFi in USB modem mode (tethered modem) by plugging it into a USB port on your computer.

For further details visit Cellhire’s homepage or call Cellhire to speak to a MiFi expert.

UK News

Cellhire pass on cost savings to London sightseers

Cellhire is pleased to announce its new partnership with The London Pass Company, catering for their international customers travelling to the UK.

A Cellhire mobile phone and UK airtime solution can dramatically cut the cost of roaming and guarantee you cheaper calls back to your home country. Simply hire for the duration of your trip. With Cellhire, there’s no long term commitment and no minimum call spend or compulsory top ups. So, explore London and tell everyone about it!

Cellhire can also provide short-term mobile broadband so you can access your emails and the Internet on your laptop from the Tower of London, London Bridge and even London Zoo…should you want to!

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Avoid Data Shock – Introducing Cellhire DataManager®

Cellhire is pleased to bring our customers yet another value added service. The DataManager allows our customers to better monitor their collective data usage when traveling with our USB and MiFi® data connection devices.

The tool is simple to use, easy to install and allows you to monitor your usage and avoid overage fees. It will allow you to set limits and alerts and shows your usage per session and cumulated thru the duration of your trip. “Ensuring our customers have the tools they need to save money and be successful is our goal” said Peter Whelerton, Head of IS. “It’s important that our customers understand all the ways a PC might use data, from background updates to watching movies, we want to equip our customers with the knowledge to manage their data.”

To see more about this great tool, visit our support page at:

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Stick with Cellhire for reduced mobile bills at the IIHF Ice Hockey Championships

This years annual IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will take place in Cologne, Germany on May 7th – May 23rd 2010. 16 teams will compete, playing 56 games in total.

If you are attending this year’s Ice Hockey Championships ensure that you receive reduced costs on your mobile and data bills by renting a handset and a German SIM solution from Cellhire. This will guarantee that your mobile calls will be a lot cheaper than if you were to ‘roam’ on your existing mobile network.

Cellhire can also provide mobile data solutions which ensure wherever you are, you can have instant access to emails and internet. This is also a cost effective solution to using your existing data device and roaming.

Cellhire is world leader in voice and data rental for events. Visit the events section of the website to find out about all the up-and-coming events that Cellhire will be supporting this year.

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Why communications are important!

Due to a cloud of volcanic ash, all flights in and out of the UK and several other European countries were suspended, leaving travellers stranded abroad and unable to get to their destination of choice. Unforeseen situations such as this reaffirm the importance of being contactable at all times; be it with family and friends to assure them you are safe, colleagues – to rearrange meetings and deadlines or simply so you are in touch with up-to-the-minute and correct information.

It is in situations such as this that communications are vital. In foreign countries the cost of roaming can mean you are hit with high mobile and data bills on your return. Whilst the additional and unpredicted costs of hotel bills, transport, alternative flights etc all add up, this doesn’t have to be the case with your mobile phone bills. Cellhire specialise in renting low cost voice and data solutions. By utilising a local airtime SIM card, this can reduce your mobile call cost by 70% when compared to roaming. Cellhire also provide data solutions which are ideal for working outside of an office environment. A USB modem can provide instant access to email and the internet ensuring that, even if you can’t be at meetings in person, all other attendees can still access to the information they need from you.

If you would like any further details about our mobile solutions, please visit our international portfolio or contact a member of the sales team.

If you are a British National stranded overseas due to the volcanic ash grounding flights please visit The pages have information on insurance, alternative travel options and contact details for the FCO and its embassies overseas.

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Cellhire London office relocation

Since opening in 1994, Cellhire’s London branch has continued to grow and as a result, recently relocated to new premises on Furnival Street, EC4A.

Cellhire’s UK branches are in York (headquarters) with an additional office in London. Cellhire has offices worldwide including France, Germany, Japan, China and throughout the United States.

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Give expensive roaming charges the red card at this year’s World Cup

In preparation for the World Cup in South Africa, Cellhire has put together some very competitive data offers to ensure you stay connected throughout the event.

If you are attending the prestigious football event, surfing the internet and accessing email in South Africa can prove expensive. Instead of being hit with high data bills on your return, rent a BlackBerry device from Cellhire. One single payment covers the entire event period from the 15th of May right through to 31st of July so there’s no need for daily or weekly rental rates. With a Cellhire BlackBerry and South African airtime you can have the best of both worlds: cost savings and convenience!

Alternatively you can rent a USB Modem, a solution that offers a simple and hassle-free method of connecting to the Internet while in South Africa.

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Stay in touch at the 2010 ICC World Twenty20 and save on your mobile bill!

This year’s international cricket tournament will be held in the West Indies from 30th April to 16th May 2010 in the West Indies. The tournament features 12 teams and will be played at four grounds – Barbados, Guyana, St. Lucia and St. Kitts & Nevis.

International roaming using your own SIM card in the West Indies can be expensive so for those attending the event that wish to reduce potential roaming costs on voice and data, Cellhire has the ideal solution…simply rent a mobile phone with local airtime or a local airtime SIM for your own unlocked GSM phone. Cellhire can also keep your laptop connected with a USB modem to provide access to email and internet at the event.

Last years Twenty20 orders exceeded 300 connections from players, umpires, security staff and officials who rented mobile phonesSIM cards and mobile broadband solutions.

Chris Power, Senior Business Development Executive commented “last years’ event was a real success. We’re really proud to be supporting such high profile events globally. Previous customers have been “bowled over” by our low cost international voice and data rates.”

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Reel in the cost of roaming charges at the Cannes Film Festival 2010

Specialising in providing short-term mobile voice and data solutions, Cellhire has a wealth of experience in the film and media events sector. Cellhire has provided rental solutions for numerous film events including the American Film Market, Sundance Film Festival, European Film Market and the Oscars as well as being the exclusive supplier to the Cannes Film Festival for twelve consecutive years.

This year, Cellhire’s rental rates are more competitive than ever! By hiring a French SIM card for your own unlocked GSM phone or a French SIM card with a Cellhire mobile phone, you are guaranteed to save up to 70% on mobile calls compared to roaming.

New to the portfolio this year, you can rent an iPhone SIM card combined with internet and SMS for Cannes. This solution offers free incoming calls and low national call rates throughout the duration of the event.

BlackBerry, USB Modems and Routers are all available at fantastic rates, backed by 20 years customer service, 24/7 customer support and onsite support as well as guaranteed cost savings.