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Viva Las Vegas

Earlier this month Cellhire provided transatlantic assistance to technology savvy media clients.

Our customers were among the 140,000 technology insiders who visited the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, eager to see the very latest cutting edge products and gadgetry showcased.

The event traditionally attracts a significant amount of media interest. This year however, as well as local voice and data provision, one customer’s requirement was anything but traditional.

The client was looking to run breaking technology stories back in the UK, displaying images of the very latest gismos via an online blog on their website. This called for an appropriately hi-tech approach and we supplied ten high-speed EVDO USB modems that were up to the task. The equipment enabled the client to send high quality images back to the UK extremely quickly, facilitating the blog project and guaranteeing a successful result.

Marketing Manager, Simon Millions commented “This illustrates how customer demands change in line with technological advancements. From a Cellhire perspective, it proves that we have to keep our rental stock up to date to satisfy these demands.”

UK News

Mountains of orders for skiing championships

A number of broadcasters and newspapers from across Europe have placed advanced orders for in excess of 300 connections for two forthcoming skiing events.

The FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships in Val D’Isere, France and the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships, held in Liberec, the Czech Republic, take place in February 2009. The customers are a combination of new and existing clients, attracted by our experience in providing solutions for the slopes, with highly competitive rates and full after-sales support.

Customer requirements encompass the full range of voice and data solutions including ‘local’ airtime on SIMSmart, high speed HSDPA modems and wi-fi connectivity.

“The skiing season has always been a busy time for us; satisfying demand from important corporate clients, but also from a significant number of holidaymakers who want to save money on their mobile bills whilst skiing abroad.” commented Chris Power, Business Development Manager at Cellhire.

Actualités en France

Cellhire propose une plateforme d’envoi SMS personnalisée

Cellhire lance son offre « Plateforme SMS » pour permettre à ses clients de communiquer à leur tour facilement avec des centaines d’utilisateurs simultanément au travers d’un sms. Cette plateforme fonctionne de façon totalement autonome. Elle permet au client de gérer lui-même l’envoi, la fréquence ainsi que le nombre des sms. Elle est également personnalisable : les coordonnées du client ainsi que le logo peuvent y être intégrés.

Les applications sont nombreuses et ce produit est idéal pour diffuser une information au plus grand nombre, comme convoquer des journalistes à une conférence de presse ou encore donner un rendez-vous aux participants d’un événement.

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Satellite Phones

The communications marketplace has seen an increased reliance on satellite technology in recent years. But whilst ‘sat nav’ may now be regarded as ubiquitous on garage forecourts, the applications of satellite phones are perhaps less well understood.

Satellite handsets have 2 similar but distinct purposes; to provide communication both where andwhen traditional network technologies simply aren’t able to.

The where relates to remote areas of both the UK and the world generally, where no traditional network coverage exists. Intrepid adventurers and the armed forces for example, are able to keep in touch from some of the most far-flung corners of the world, by utilising satellite connectivity.

The when applies to emergency situations when landline connectivity has failed and mobile networks either aren’t functioning, or have been commandeered by the emergency services, as happened with the 7/7 bombings in London, or with Hurricane Ike in the US for example. Satellite handsets can form an important part of business continuity planning for public sector organisations and for private companies in sectors such as media, that need to retain 24/7 connectivity.

In terms of usage, satellite phones look pretty similar to everyday mobiles and the user experience is becoming increasingly similar too. The price is also coming down and firms such as Cellhire provide a range of alternatives to either rent (for specific expeditions) or purchase (as part of a contingency solution). Incoming calls are free of charge and 24 hour global customer service comes as standard.

Solutions from the two leading industry players, Thuraya and Iridium differ slightly in terms of handset specification and global footprint. Whilst Thuraya’s coverage is particularly strong in the Middle East and Africa, Iridium claims to provide truly global satellite coverage and has recently launched the ultra modern 9555a handset.

Finally, lightweight BGAN units, also available from Cellhire, basically offer stand-alone mobile broadband via satellite, without reliance upon phone masts, ‘hot spots’ or any kind of landline connectivity.

Satellite communication is in no way space-aged or conceptual; it’s making a real difference today, especially in connecting people operating in adverse conditions or remote locations, when and wheremore traditional technologies are simply not up to the task.

UK News

Start up, bike out, tune in to UK mobile broadband

Cellhire recently came to the rescue of a client experiencing problems whilst exhibiting at Olympia.

The customer had taken a stand at the Business Start Up Show, with the intention of demonstrating the capabilities of their new website. The wi-fi internet access at the venue proved unreliable and the client called us to rectify the problem – as quickly as possible.

A USB modem was biked over to Olympia and wireless broadband access was therefore reinstated, less than 2 hours after the initial disruption occurred. The client was able to continue displaying their e-wares for the duration of the event, with no further interruptions to service.

UK mobile broadband rental from Cellhire provides real-time access to essential information whenever and wherever our clients have a requirement. And with significant usage bundled into the rental price, there are no nasty surprises once the rental is over and the bill arrives.

Matt Bennett, UK MD commented; “This is a good example, not only of resolving a problem from a technical perspective, but also of how responsive we can be to the most urgent of client requirements”.

US News

mindWireless teams with Cellhire to offer international wireless rentals


mindWireless added rental of low cost temporary wireless phones for international travel to its wireless telecommunications expense management  (TEM) clients through an alliance with Cellhire, a global provider of wireless voice and data solutions.  With this alliance, mindWireless becomes the first and only TEM provider to offer this service.


Cellhire’s extensive portfolio of wireless rental solutions includes international cell phones, Blackberry devices, 3G data cards, and a host of satellite options. Strategic partnerships with global networks such as O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile allow Cellhire to provide their customers with the best solutions on the highest quality networks in over 180 countries worldwide.


 “Our relationship with Cellhire extends our ability to offer significant wireless expenses savings to our clients,” said Kevin Whitehurst, managing director for mindWireless.  “Most already operate internationally and the roaming expense can be prohibitively expensive. Through Cellhire our clients will pay a low rental fee and local calling rates, saving up to 50 percent over the cost of using their own cell phone.”


“We approached mindWireless because of their leadership position as a wireless-only TEM provider,” said Greg Kraynak, Vice President of Business Development for Cellhire USA. “mindWireless is a perfect fit for Cellhire’s low cost international cell phone rental solutions. It is now possible for mindWireless clients to take advantage of sophisticated voice and data technology and to stay connected whenever and wherever they travel.”


mindWireless clients can request a Cellhire rental phone through their mindWireless Procurement portal. Their selected device will be delivered, ready to use, and set with a local number for the country they will be visiting.