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Cellhire USA Wins 5-Year Defense Telecommunications Services-Washington Contract

Cellhire USA, the world leader in international mobile communications, has won a 5-year communications contract for the USA Army, Air Force and Defense Telecommunications Services – Washington (DTS-W).

The new five-year agreement will offer an online shopping cart for both direct and consolidated customers. The site will feature more than 1,000 items including, but not limited to, global cellular activations in over 20 countries, BlackBerry, Data and Satellite Phones and Service. Cellhire USA anticipates adding additional foreign numbers to enable all DoD personnel around the globe to have local cellular and BlackBerry service where they are stationed. A special feature, Follow Me, a service available on all Cellhire wireless voice solutions. enables users to take their US phone numbers with them overseas.

The contract allows for the procurement of new devices, portability of numbers to new carriers and activations of cellular, data and satellite connections. Cellhire USA also brings to this contract the opportunity for the Armed Forces to rent or lease hardware when long term procurement is too excessive an investment.

“This is a great opportunity for Cellhire to mass 20 years of global wireless experience and offer it to the ever-expanding global US Armed Forces.” says John Henry, Vice President of Client Services. He adds, “whether it is local airtime, multi-country roaming solutions, 3G data, or domestic US airtime solutions, Cellhire is the best choice for serving the needs of our Armed Forces.”

The online shopping cart will enable customers to procure all of their global wireless needs in one place without having to shop different vendors on the overall contract.

The overall Netcom contract has awarded BPA’s to all major US carriers, all of which held contracts with these Military contracting agencies prior to this award. Due to the ever increasing need for globalization of our Armed Forces, Cellhire USA was awarded the contract to provide OCONUS solutions previously not available on the contract that had expired 30 September 2006.

Another key element Cellhire brings to the contract is the availability of secure satellite communications including Inmarsat (BGAN, RBGAN), Iridium, and Thuraya and Globalstar communications. All of these services are available for short and long term activation, purchase, lease and rent.


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