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Cellhire Produces One Millionth Invoice

New York, NY, December 1, 2003 – Cellhire USA LLC, the world’s pre-eminent supplier of international wireless rental solutions, recently produced its 1 millionth invoice. Mr. Paul Campbell of Chestnut Hill, MA was the recipient of invoice 1000000 and was presented with a credit for the full amount of his rental and call charges.

When asked about his experience with the rental phone, Mr. Campbell stated “This was the first time I brought a mobile phone with me when traveling internationally. Because of my experience, I would never again travel without one.” In fact, he will be renting another Cellhire phone on his upcoming trip to Ireland and Spain. Mr. Campbell also mentioned that the coverage was extremely clear while in Switzerland and didn’t encounter one single problem with the phone during his trip. He felt extremely secure and comfortable “being mobile”, especially so that his colleagues and friends could contact him if need be. Although his two trips to Europe are simply for pleasure, Mr. Campbell will refer his company, Redstar Contracting, along with friends and family to Cellhire when they plan on traveling abroad.

Established in 1987, Cellhire is a world leader in mobile communications providing clients and partners with innovative and competitive wireless solutions. Cellhire is an independent company providing service on various networks worldwide. Through the strength of global relationships, Cellhire offers customers a broad range of world class rental services. Cellhire’s commitment to innovation makes it possible for clients to take advantage of the most sophisticated voice and data technology enabling them to stay connected whenever and wherever they travel.

Cellhire is represented around the world with offices throughout the US in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington, DC, throughout the UK in London, Manchester and York, in Paris, France and Sydney, Australia.

For further information about this release or Cellhire USA in general, please contact Sari Miniman, Marketing Manager at + 1 212 376 7379 ext. 230