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Wireless GPS tracking devices for students on the Ambassador Programs

This summer Cellhire will once again be providing a combination of low cost cell phones and wireless GPS tracking devices to students on the Student Ambassador Programs from People To People. This is the third year that Cellhire has provided these solutions and this year the Vismo tracking software has been enhanced to provide even greater peace of mind to parents as their children travel the world on the journey of a lifetime.

Whether it’s Europe, China or Australia, Vismo is a global GPS tracking system that will work anywhere in the world providing near real-time updates of position to a secure website. Because Vismo uses cell tower locations in addition to GPS, Vismo will continue to work when the device is indoors. Parents can see not only the current location of their child but also their current battery level and signal strength, as well as a full history of trail of locations updated every 20 minutes. To provide additional peace of mind, this year sees the launch of the BlackBox feature. This allows a parent to view every call and SMS made or received from the Vismo smartphone.

A new feature for 2011 is Vismo Device Check. When parents are unable to reach their child on their Vismo device their first question is whether their child has their phone turned on. Vismo has a feature which allows a parent to confirm this in real-time by sending a simple, discreet SMS to the device. And if the phone is turned off, the parent will be alerted when it is turned back on again.

As an additional security feature, each BlackBerry smartphone has a “panic button”. When this is pressed, an e-mail and SMS alert are sent immediately to the People To People central control facility as well as to the Vismo device carried by the Primary Leader of the child’s trip delegation so that instant escalation can occur. The alerts show the last known position of the device and allow rapid action to be taken should a child get into difficulty.

Vismo also allows parents to stay in touch through a web-based SMS system. Parents can send SMS directly to their child’s Vismo Tracking BlackBerry from the secure website. Replies are also shown on the website in an inbox format. Each parent will receive login details which allow them to view only their individual child’s Vismo device.


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