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New EU data roaming legislation

With effect from 1st July 2010 a new EU legislation will be put in place which caps roamed data charges. Cellhire specialises in providing International SIM cards for both voice and data for a wide selection of EU and non-EU countries. This solution not only offers significant cost savings compared to roaming but it alleviates the problems surrounding EU legislation.

View international SIM cards for more details.

Cellhire also offers a range of value added services including Data Manager, Credit Alert and TextMyBill. These services provide our customers with the tools necessary to monitor spend, make real cost savings and manage the implementation of the EU roamed data legislation.

If you require any further information, call 01904 610 610 and speak to a Cellhire representative who will be happy to help.

Nachrichten aus Deutschland

Umzug des Büros der Cellhire-Deutschland GmbH

Seit der Eröffnung im Jahr 2009 ist die deutsche Niederlassung von Cellhire beständig gewachsen und bezieht nun neue Geschäftsräume in der Pfälzer-Wald-Strasse 70, 81539 München.

Die Niederlassungen von Cellhire im Vereinigten Königreich sind in York (Zentrale) und zusätzlich in London. Cellhire verfügt über Niederlassungen weltweit einschließlich Frankreich, Japan, China und in den gesamten USA.

UK News

Cellhire supports Yorkshire Charity in quest to raise £5million

Cellhire is absolutely delighted to be supporting the Jane Tomlinson charity in its latest challenge. To read about the charity and its achievements to date visit

On July 25th 2010, Mike, Rebecca and Steven Tomlinson will be joined by a team of fellow cyclists to set off on a 2,500 mile bike ride from Istanbul to Leeds. Joined by family and friends, the Tomlinson family will also take on the challenge of travelling through 12 countries over 5 weeks. As they travel across Europe you can watch their progress through daily blogs and the latest pictures at


The Appeal to date has raised £3million for children’s and cancer charities nationwide. Through this event and continued funding and encouragement from supporters worldwide they are one step closer to the new fundraising target of £5million.

The Charity approached the York based communications rental specialist to support them with their communication requirements for the trip from Leeds to Istanbul. Cellhire will be providing mobile phones to the charity with a special European SIM card for travel throughout Europe. The solution will save the team on average 40% compared to International Traveller Service rates and incoming calls are free.

US News

Organizing Communications for International Events

One of the most often overlooked cost for any travel or event is the cost of communications. Huge savings can be had just by moving away from the status quo of roaming on our domestic carrier networks. Cellhire USA participates in numerous events all over the globe. Specializing in international communications equipment, Cellhire makes staying connected easy while saving upwards to 60%. Proving their worth to entities like the US Olympic Committee and ESPN to ensure cellular, data and even satellite coverage is just another day at Cellhire. Most recently, Cellhire provided communications equipment for the various event planners at the Football World Cup through a relationship with the MTN Network in South Africa.

“Helping to manage group communications on foreign networks and ensure significant savings is what Cellhire is committed to.” Manager of Corporate Event Sales, Kirk Samuels, goes on to say, “Commitment to continuous improvement to our internal processes coupled with well trained and tenured staff allows us to pro-actively focus on creating customized packages for our event customers. Product bundles may include cellular with SMS Broadcast capabilities, data packages, satellite phones and satellite data connections or a mixture of services. We can even program your address book into your GSM cell phones as part of the service.”

Because their customers rent the equipment and the airtime for the country they are visiting, there are no long term commitments and better yet, no international roaming fees or activations to be managed.

On a domestic front, Cellhire offers of customized push-to-talk (PTT) services from both Nextel® and Verizon® to ensure coverage all over the US. All PTT services are customized and may include voice and group talk to your specifications. They also offer 2-way radio rentals. Everything comes to the end user ready to use.

UK News

Wave goodbye to roaming charges at the RIP Curl Boardmaster Surf Festival

The Relentless Boardmasters is Europe’s ultimate sport and music festival, held over 5 days in Newquay, UK on August 3rd to August 8th 2010.

Anyone attending the surf, skate and music festival and travelling from overseas to Newquay, UK can save money on their voice and data costs by renting a local UK SIM card from Cellhire for the duration of their stay.

Visiting social networking sites to post photos of the festival or for status updates can be very expensive if you are roaming on your existing SIM card. Visit to view the range of solutions Cellhire can offer to ensure you save money on both voice and data bills whilst in the UK.

We offer a range of devices from state of the art phones, smart phones and USB Modems for your laptop. All of our solutions are designed to reduce the cost of roaming and as we are a rental company, our terms are flexible so you only need to rent equipment while you are here in the UK.

Our UK SIM cards can save you up to 70% compared to roaming. Cellhire’s global network coverage combined with its portfolio of international solutions, including the most advanced products and services available from the world’s leading brands, ensure you always stay connected, for less. Be sure you have the right solution for your needs.

UK News

Cellhire’s Guide to saving money on roaming – Girl Guiding UK Centenary Camp

Travelling to Centenary Camp and need a phone while in the UK? Why not hire one of Cellhire’s unique rental solutions and save up to 70% on your phone bill?

Cellhire is a world leader in mobile communications rental and is proud to be working with Girl Guiding UK to help them stay in touch for less when visiting the UK for the Centenary Camp. The event is being held this year on 31st July – 7th August 2010.

A SIM & handset solution from Cellhire provides you with a mobile phone and local UK SIM card, offering savings of up to 70% compared to international roaming charges.

UK USB modems and UK BlackBerrys are also available to give you convenient access to your email, social networking sites and the internet while you are in the UK, at rates considerably cheaper than using hotels or internet cafes.

For further information on the current offer for the Girl Guide Centenary Camp please contact Cellhire.