Actualités en France

Déménagement du siège de Cellhire France à Courbevoie

Cellhire France, leader français de la location de solutions de téléphonie mobile, auparavant installé à Neuilly sur Seine, déménage à la Défense 6, Courbevoie.

Ce déménagement permet d’agrandir les espaces de travail tout en bénéficiant d’un environnement adapté aux activités de nouvelles technologies.

Les bureaux se divisent en plusieurs parties : un accueil client et un stationnement dédié, un open space pour le service commercial, un espace logistique avec des bancs de préparation, de charge et de test pour un environnement optimisé dans notre engagement pour la qualité, une partie administrative et un espace de réunion.

Les coordonnées téléphoniques et fax restent inchangés. De même, nos bureaux sont ouverts du lundi au vendredi de 8h30 à 18h00.

UK News

New data usage monitor from Cellhire helps prevent billshock

Cellhire, a global mobile solutions specialist, has launched DataManager, a data usage monitor that keeps users aware and in control of how much data they are using via an Internet modem stick (USB modem). This second release of the application now provides a version for Mac users.

“We’ve seen a great increase in data usage over the past 2 years. With high data roaming rates coupled with the growth of hungry data devices, we wanted to make sure that we could offer data solutions that would keep our customer connected, at lower rates and give them the tools to monitor and control their data usage. As a result, billshock is not something we have to deal with at Cellhire. “ commented Tim Williams, CEO Cellhire.

The application provides users reassurance of how much data they are using, either per session or as an overall total per day, week or month. Users can take control by setting usage quotas. They can watch their data usage total move towards the quota limit and set alerts to notify them when they are within a percentage of this quota. This can help to control costs by warning when usage hits bundled levels, prompting users to buy more data and avoid excessive overage charges. Reporting usage can be viewed in a graphical format, with charts for daily, weekly and monthly usage.

For mobile data users, especially when using data while roaming outside of the UK, it is easy to eat up data and return home to find a shocking data usage charge on your mobile bill. DataManager prevents this.

DataManager is offered free of charge, exclusively to Cellhire USB modem customers. It is offered alongside the USB modem rental and the portfolio of 40 SIMSmart data solutions. The DataManager application was first released for PC users at the South African World Cup.

UK News

Cellhire wins GROS telecomms tender for supply during Scottish Census

Cellhire, a world leader in mobile solutions, is proud to have won the tender to supply the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) with a range of telecommunications services for the Scottish Census due to take place on 27th March 2011.

Sue Barber, Head of Procurement at GROS commented, “the evaluations panel concluded that the tender most closely met the requirements whilst at the same time offered best value for money. Cellhire’s response included a very detailed breakdown of coverage for all regions in Scotland, with a recommendation as to which mobile network and hardware solution should be utilised for each area.”

The General Register Office for Scotland is part of the devolved Scottish Administration, responsible for the registration of births, marriages, civil partnerships, deaths, divorces and adoptions. The Scottish Census is the main source of family history records and is carried out to collate and publish information about population and households. Cellhire will provide a range of cost effective communication solutions to assist GROS to complete this task throughout the 2011 Census.

GROS approached Cellhire with a requirement for the provision of mobile phones, fixed broadband and hosted email to facilitate the delivery of the Census in 2011 for Scotland. As a telecommunications service provider Cellhire has strategic relationships in place with BT, O2 and Vodafone in the UK which makes it uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions to suit the individual needs of every organisation.

Cellhire had the resources to be able to supply GROS with over 7,300 mobiles on the O2 network together with mobile and fixed broadband in 22 regional offices in Scotland for the duration of the Census. Additionally the Company is also providing a hosted email platform for many of those involved in this important project.

Matt Bennett, Managing Director of Cellhire’s business in the UK commented, “we are delighted to have been selected by GROS to be their preferred telecoms provider for this major event. The tendering process was extremely vigorous but we are pleased to hear that we met all of their exacting requirements.”

US News

International BlackBerry: Ultimate Travel Companion

What better way to keep connected while traveling abroad than with the ultimate communication tool, an International BlackBerry. Rent the best piece of wireless equipment from Cellhire, and exceed your travel expectations in terms of connectivity, speed, communication.

The perfect travel companion, BlackBerry allows users to access to email, phone, data, applications, games and the Internet from a handheld device. It can be customized to meet the needs of one customer or an entire enterprise, in any industry and all in one sleek device.

No matter what your individual needs, Cellhire offers the best communication device that will enable you to accomplish more by keeping you in touch with information, colleagues and friends. BlackBerry devices allow you to stay in touch with everything that matters to you while you’re traveling on the go. Cellhire also offers some models that include a multi-media player and/or camera so you really have everything you need in one stylish traveling tool.

Cellhire’s BlackBerry solution supports leading enterprise email platforms and can be customized to meet the needs of one person or an entire enterprise, to any scale, in any industry.

Furthermore, with BlackBerry push email technology, your email will find you without having to initiate a connection. BlackBerry devices are designed to remain on and continuously connected to the wireless network, notifying you as new email arrives. In addition to the text, you can also receive and view attachments in a wide range of popular file formats, including Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, and Adobe PDF.

Also, browse the web with the integrated, full-featured browser, which quickly and efficiently displays HTML pages as well as enables you to set up RSS feeds to stay connected to up-to-the-minute news and blog posts. And keep up with your contacts using a variety of instant message (IM) networks, including the integrated Blackberry Messenger as well as downloadable clients for Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger.

When it comes to traveling the globe while staying connected you can’t go wrong with Cellhire’s BlackBerry solution, the most advanced and refined mobile communication device that helps you enjoy a more organized, balanced life.