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Gulf Coast businesses turn to Cellhire for emergency Satellite phones

Cellhire, continues to help those affected by hurricane damage throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast region. Cellhire has helped more than 250 coastline companies stay connected throughout the intense hurricane season and anticipates additional demand as relief efforts continue in the wake of Hurricane Ike.


In disaster recovery situations, Cellhire provides wireless communication equipment such as Iridium satellite phones and rugged Nextel two-way radios to first responders and public safety personnel. As an Authorized Service Provider for Iridium products and services, Cellhire plays a key role in disaster preparedness and emergency response. Reliable Iridium satellite phones can be the only means of communication during post-hurricane conditions when cellular networks are often down and entire cities are plagued with power outages.


“Wireless communication is essential when disaster strikes,” said John Henry, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Cellhire USA. “Whether it’s a natural disaster or an emergency affecting a local business, companies turn to Cellhire to keep them connected when traditional land and cellular networks fail.”


Year-round, Cellhire provides wireless communication services for major media organizations, U.S. Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. As an added benefit, Cellhire assists its corporate customers in preparing for natural disasters and other emergencies so they can rely on wireless service to keep their employees connected, productive and competitive.


As the hurricane season continues through November, individuals and businesses seeking around-the-clock connectivity are encouraged to contact Cellhire. As a special offer, Cellhire has dramatically reduced the purchase price on select models, including the Iridium 9505A satellite phone. Thanks to Cellhire’s global partnership with Iridium, the 9505A handset (retail price $1,899) is now available for purchase through Cellhire for just $1,295, a cost savings of over $600.


For further details please visit our Iridium phone sale offer.

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Scouting with satellite phones

Cellhire’s satellite phones helped the Scouts in their recent adventure to Kenya.

With 46 young people and a support team of 20 adults spending three weeks in the African bush, reliable communication was of paramount importance. The intrepid team needed to be able to keep in contact with the UK from a geographical area where traditional network coverage would simply not exist.

Cellhire supplied the team with 4 satellite handsets for the duration of the adventure. These phones are designed to provide connectivity in the harshest of terrain. The handsets look and feel like ‘traditional’ mobile phones, so the Scouts found the user experience reassuringly familiar. All incoming calls are free of charge and a handy inbuilt GPS location facility enabled the explorers to pinpoint their position at any given time. The phones came complete with a full accessory pack including rapid charger, travel adaptor, and instruction booklet. And for added peace of mind, Cellhire provides 24 hour global customer service, 365 days a year on all satellite handsets.

“The satellite handsets stood up to the task very well. They were easy to use, the coverage was consistent and they provided a vital lifeline back to ‘civilization’. The support service from Cellhire was very professional. We’ll certainly consider returning for our next expedition”. Ian Chappell County Commissioner.

UK News

US Offers – Presidential Elections and Ryder Cup

Cellhire has put together some market-leading rates for customers looking to travel to the United States this Autumn.

Europe’s top golfers travel to the Valhalla Club in Kentucky, to pit their wits against the Americans in the Ryder Cup, starting on the 19th September. And another heavyweight challenge of an altogether different type takes place on 4th November, with the US presidential elections.

Media clients, dedicated fans and even casual observers can make significant savings by utilising Cellhire’s ‘local’ voice, USA SIM cards and data solutions to take the pain out of roaming to the US. And the savings aren’t just restricted to outbound calls – incoming calls cost just 10p per minute, compared to a typical UK network charge of 75p a minute – a saving of 87%, making keeping in contact with the UK even more cost effective.

Customers can take their own mobile number to the US, with no contractual obligation, no compulsory top-ups and full 24 hour global support as standard. UK mobile numbers are simply diverted to a call forwarding number for the duration of the trip and then cancelled once the traveller returns to the UK.

Matt Bennett, Cellhire’s UK MD comments; “We are the market leaders in this field and our local airtime rates are the best around. The savings are definitely worth making, the overall service is pretty much seamless and full 24/7 support is par for the course”.

Actualités en France

Cellhire à la conquête du marché allemand : Ouverture du bureau de Munich

Cellhire France, leader en location de systèmes de communication mobile, déjà implanté au Royaume Uni, aux USA, au Japon et en France, inaugure son dixième bureau international : Munich.

Spécialiste des grands événements, Cellhire avait équipé les médias, partenaires, prestataires…lors de la Coupe du Monde de Football 2006 en Allemagne et s’était déjà rapproché de l’opérateur O2 Allemagne.

Fort de cette expérience, Cellhire a noué un partenariat solide avec l’opérateur allemand pour proposer des solutions de location locales ou internationales, en courte ou en longue durée.

Les médias allemands ont été les premiers à utiliser les services de Cellhire, à l’occasion notamment de L’Euro 2008 pour s’équiper en lignes suisses et autrichiennes, et dernièrement pendant les JO de Pékin pour bénéficier des coûts avantageux des lignes locales chinoises.

“Cellhire a toujours été très proche de sa clientèle d’entreprises. Ce nouveau site va permettre à Cellhire de nouer de nouvelles relations en Allemagne et d’assurer un service de proximité à nos clients actuels.” Aymeric Bouffard, Directeur de Cellhire Allemagne

2009 promet d’être une année passionnante pour l’Equipe de Munich qui a reçu un très bon accueil des entreprises allemandes, soucieuses de bénéficier d’offres qui allient services et économies.

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