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Mobile Broadband Rental: Affordable Connectivity

With the current economic crisis, many are penny pinching whenever possible, cutting back on unnecessary expenses and looking to save money anywhere they can. More than ever, a growing number of people are deciding to rent rather than buy on a wide range of products such as cars and laptops. While these are just a couple examples, renting services when they are needed and for as long as necessary has proven to be tremendously useful and cost-efficient in these dire times.

Mobile broadband is another great example. Technological advances and the invention of the ‘plug and play’ USB stick make it extremely easy and convenient for instant wireless broadband connectivity.

Although prices have been steadily declining, major network providers still charge a hefty monthly fee for a mobile broadband device with a tolerable amount of data usage. And don’t forget, the device will in most cases always come with a long-term contract.

At first this may not seem alarming, but when you add up monthly charges, accidental overages, and other fees over a 24-month contract for an average number of employees it can add up to some major spending.

As the credit crunch continues, many companies find they have to rethink many of their everyday expenditures, including entering lengthy contractually binding agreements. Although, many employees with flexible work schedules may find themselves traveling on the road, at a trade show, or on a business trip every so often requiring mobile broadband, 24-month’s worth of fees doesn’t seem practical to merit such a contract.

A company such as Cellhire, an independent communication rental firm, provides business customers with short-term mobile broadband service anywhere from a week up to several months. Intercontinental alternatives also exist for travelers outside of the US. Customers only rent when they need to and for as long as they like avoiding high-cost monthly charges and lengthy contracts.

Overall, mobile broadband rental undoubtedly stands for a resourceful and money-saving alternative to the long-term contract system, particularly while enduring these current financial times.

UK News

Paris International Boat Show

The Paris boat show takes place on the 4th – 12th December 2010 in Porte de Versailles, Paris. Should you be visiting the event this year, be it as a supporter, exhibitor, media representative or spectator, why not rent a local French mobile phone to avoid high roaming charges.

Cellhire has a strategic partnership in place with Orange France and can offer customers a French SIM card – for as little as one day – to ensure that whilst you’re in France your outgoing calls are reduced by up to 70% and incoming calls are completely free.

You can hire a smartphone with a French data SIM should you need access to email and the internet on the move or choose from a range of data products including MiFi, BlackBerry or USB Modems.

To view the range of solutions on offer for visitors to France visit, Destination France.

UK News

Savings in Spain will bring music to your ears with MTV Music Awards

This year’s MTV EMAs will take place on the 7th November at the Caja Magica in Madrid, Spain.

If you are attending the event in Spain ensure you don’t caught out with expensive roaming charges and rent a Spanish SIM card from Cellhire. Cellhire, a mobile rental specialist, provides low cost voice and data solutions aimed at reducing the cost of roaming. Our Spanish SIM cards are available on a rental basis – for as little as one day – and can reduce the cost of your phone bills by up to 70%.

You can also hire a handset for your Spanish SIM card should you wish, or use your existing phone providing it is unlocked. Cellhire can provide smartphones should you need access to email and the internet whilst in Spain or USB modems for instant access to the net.

Visit Destination Spain for further information on our cost effective solutions for Spain or contact Cellhire for further information.

UK News

Cellhire Cuts the Cost of roaming in the USA for AFM

The American Film Market (AFM) takes place from the 3rd – 10th November 2010 in Santa Monica, California. The AFM sees over 8,000 industry leaders, from over 70 different countries, attend the event for eight days. During their time they make deals, view film screenings, attend seminars and network.

Cellhire is a world leader in mobile communication rental and can offer visitors to the AFM savings of around 70% on their mobile phone calls and wireless broadband connectivity whilst in the US. Cellhire has a wealth of experience in the film and TV sector, supplying the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, European Film Market and the Oscars plus several leading film production companies.

Simply rent for the duration of your stay in the US – no long term contracts apply and there’s no need for a minimum call spend or compulsory top-ups. We also have numerous offices in the US so should you need any customer or technical support, Cellhire is perfectly placed to answer queries or in unlikely cases, provide replacement equipment.

To view the solutions we have on offer for customers visiting the US visit, Destination UnitedStates or contact Cellhire for more information.

UK News

Euronaval 2010

Euronaval is the global meeting point of the international naval and maritime community and will be held at the Paris-Le-Bourget exhibition center from 25th – 29th October 2010.

If you attending the Euronaval, contact Cellhire for your communication requirements. Cellhire is the leading rental provider for GSM voice, data, satellite and bespoke mobile communication solutions. We have supplied the British Ministry of Defence, the UK government and police forces with devices and services used at home and overseas for years.

Cellhire’s communications rental service is used by the world’s largest IDEX events, from the Farnborough Air Show and Paris Euro-Satory to the UK’s DESi. We have supplied HQ, UK Theatre Troops and RLC units.

Cellhire has a vast product portfolio including Mobile phonesBlackBerry devicesGlobal SIM cards,Satellite phones, SATcom terminals (Ash-Forest OS compatible) and GSM fax machines.

For more information about the service, please email

UK News

Peking to Paris

Stay in touch at The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2010 with a lightweight, handheld Iridium Satellite Phone.

In areas of the world where terrestrial network coverage is not available, Cellhire can provide the latest in lightweight, compact satellite phones as a Global Service Provider for Iridium. Satellite solutions are essential in delivering communications services to and from the more remote areas around the globe.

Rent from Cellhire for The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2010 and enjoy significant savings on your satellite phone bill. You will receive free incoming calls and also avoid costly roaming charges.

Because our satellite solutions are post-paid there is no need to purchase additional minutes. Your device will arrive with a pre-programmed address book and network coverage is guaranteed for the duration of the event.

Visit our satellite products or contact a Cellhire representative for further information.